Want To Wake Up Early, Fresh, and Energized?

I bet you do.

That's exactly what I wanted for years. I wanted to become a true early riser. My thoughts went along these lines...

"There's gotta be an easy way to wake up early and fresh in the morning. In essence, I should be able to have a fantastic morning after a great nights sleep."

Well, I have to tell you - It's well within anyone's reach to become an early riser! This site is the proof. I hereby dedicate myself to getting you into the same rewarding habits.

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In fact, this entire site has been written between 5 and 6 in the morning...

It ain't fun to feel like you were just hit by a truck every morning the alarm rings. Having sleep problems or arriving late doesn't really give you the start of the day you deserve. Believe me when I say that I have overcome all the obstacles and tried all the methods. And the future looks bright and positive for early risers.

Right here, I will give you all the methods. I'll highlight the great ones and trash the bad ones. Combined with extensive research in the field, I hope I can help you with anything within:

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Waking Up Early and Fresh

My first objective when I entered upon this journey was just to be able to wake up without being so amazingly tired.

That was it. Fairly attainable if I just put my blindfolds on and went for it. But what it actually meant was that I would not accept certain things any longer. And I also set my mind to focus on what I did want to achieve. This is my first list, in it's original, right here. I wanted...

No More...

  • Snoozing
  • Being late for school/work
  • Sleeping poorly
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Morning headache
  • Skipping the morning shower
  • Waking up miserable
  • Breaking the alarm clock

Lots of...

  • Jumping out of bed
  • Waking up early
  • High quality sleep
  • Eating a great breakfast
  • Having a relaxed morning
  • Long lasting energy
  • Waking up happy
  • Starting the day My Way

The real benefit of being able to have a gentle wake up is that is that I now can get up really early without any problems. For all you serious early risers out there, this is a...

Having an Awesome Morning Routine

What I have learnt is that another great benefit with a good sleep and waking up early is to really use the morning time for something valuable.

Something valuable for you, that is. Basically, it's about having a great morning routine that works.

Just imagine, you hit the sack at a reasonable time when you start feeling tired. Within a couple of minutes you are already on your way to that valuable deep sleep. You sleep through the entire night and lightly wake up 5 minutes before the alarm rings. No problem to get up all. You got the energy!

The first hour or two is spent doing what you love. Whatever it is, but something that makes you feel deeply glad to be alive. It could be morning exercise, some yoga, meditation, reading a good book, spending time with your spouse and children, playing with the cat, eating the best breakfast, reading the newspaper - well anything frankly. As long as you enjoy it.

The morning time can become the favorite part of your day - so use it wisely.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep

Good sleep will make your day. It's true.

Not until I started really taking this part of my life seriously did I start to see the benefits. Sleep problems such as insomnia, nightmares, early morning awakening or just plain simple lack of sleep will make you feel terrible.

To do what you do best - living your life - you really want to have the highest possible energy. So through experiencing many sleepless nights I hope I can shine some light on how to sleep better.

Time to Wake Up

Whether you are here for some tips and tricks on being an early riser or you want to get the full experience of mastering the art of sleeping well, waking up early and have the best morning routine - I sure hope I have some valuable information to offer.

So time to wake up and get going...

Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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