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Propeller Analog Alarm Clock

Are you thinking about buying an analog alarm clock?

Well, then let me give you my personal top 3 list.

You see, I have tried A LOT of alarm clocks, and here are my favorite analog ones...

My Personal Top 3 Favorites

Analog Alarm Clock #1
Howard Miller / Howard Miller Propeller Nautical Alarm Clock / 645-525

Howard Miller / Howard Miller Propeller Nautical Alarm Clock / 645-525

Howard Miller - Howard Miller Propeller Nautical Alarm Clock - 645-525

I just love the style of this propeller alarm clock. As a highly passionate sailor on my spare time, this one just fits perfect with what I like. I was almost chocked when I first saw it because it feels so unique and suitable.

It's also made of very high-quality materials with an exterior in antique copper. And if you want you can hang it on your wall instead of just placing it on your night stand.

Analog Alarm Clock #2
Westclox Twin Bell Quartz Alarm Clock #70010

Westclox Twin Bell Quartz Alarm Clock #70010

4½" Quartz analog twin bell alarm clock. Black numerals with glow-in-the-dark hands. Requires two "AA" size battery (not included).

Very classic analog design on this alarm clock and the glow-in-the-dark handles are really cool. I grew a bit sick of them after a while ;-) but could be useful if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night and want to check the time.

Analog Alarm Clock #3
Classic Alarm Clock (Silver)

Classic Alarm Clock (Silver)

This alarm clock comes with light function.

This is very simple, but personally I think it's extremely stylish for such a low price. Especially since I have a cat that tends to tip over my alarm clocks once in a while it's sometimes good to have a cheaper one... =)

Should You Get an Analog Alarm Clock?

The look and feel can surely be enough reason to use an analog alarm. It simply feels retro, old-fashioned but at the same time stylish.

A new modern plastic digital clock perhaps doesn't fit into the style of your bedroom so don't be afraid of choosing what suits your home the best.

How Do They Work?

The good old classic analog alarm clock has been a trustworthy companion for many people through the years. By having an additional hand besides the two normal hour and minute hands you will be able to set the time for your alarm by usually turning a small nob on the back. Perhaps it won't be exact on the minute for what you want but after a while you will get used to it and understand how to set it as accurate as possible.

These clocks usually have two small knobs on the back - one for the time and one for the alarm so just try by turning one to see which hand that moves. Also, remember to turn it on :-) Most often done with a small switch, but could also involve moving a small lever to set the hammer in the right position.

An analog alarm clock most often have two "ears" on top of it's round shape. These are the bells that hopefully will be enough to wake you up. By tapping them, you can turn off the alarm and most modern analog alarm clocks also has a built-in snoozing function.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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