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10 Famous And Successful People

There is a whole bunch of famous and successful early risers out there. So many of the people I admire the most have incorporated the habit of waking up early into their lives. It's a way to accelerate your way to greatness and really make sure you give yourself the best chance to reach your dreams.

Having the discipline of an early bird will manifest itself in many parts of your life and will really show who you truly are. Now let's see some famous early risers throughout history...

1. Benjamin Franklin - Founding Father

Early Riser - Benjamin Franklin

"The early morning has gold in its mouth"

- Benjamin Franklin

Let's start our list with a real powerful man. As one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and most known historical figure, Franklin honored himself in rising early every single day. He was a man who truly knew how to get things done and that determination and perseverance pays off. For example, Benjamin Franklin started each morning by asking himself:

  • What good shall I do today?

Keeping focused at the task at hand and making a difference was the ultimate goal of each day. He then ended each day by asking himself:

  • What good did I do today?

This completed the circle of his days and to be able to achieve all that he did, he made sure he was true to himself by always waking up early.

2. Tim Cook - Apple CEO

Early Riser - Tim Cook

A new day begins at 4.30 if your name is Tim Cook. Apparently sending out some company emails right off the bat gets him started. And after keeping fit at the gym, which is a must for the high pressure work of a CEO, he always aims to be the first one at the office in the morning. But that doesn't mean he's the first one off. No no. Being the last one out is equally important to make sure he leads by example.

The energy level of Tim Cook has been said to be tremendously high throughout the day and he never seems to lack discipline and strength. Being an early bird is a major part of his success story.

3. George W. Bush - Former U.S. President

Early Riser - George W. Bush

Early important meetings were one of the characteristics of George W. Bush the younger. This habit would set the tone for the rest of the day he believed.

And he must have obtained the habit of waking up early from his father, former President George W. Bush the elder, who was up as early as 0400. And after a hectic day with meetings, tough decisions, exercise and time for the family, he didn't call it a day until 0200.

4. Rachael Ray - TV Show Host

Early Riser - Rachael Ray

One of the favorite TV hosts in America became an early bird in 2009 after having health problems. Ever since then, she has kept her morning routine and made it stick so bad that she nowadays naturally wakes up before 0600. That's the power of habits.

Rachael is a busy successful woman and besides her TV show, she also runs a charity as well as writes books and publishes recipes.

5. Robin Sharma - Personal Development Guru

Early Riser - Robin Sharma

If you have ever read any of Robin Sharma's books, such as "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" or "The Greatness Guide" you will have noticed the deep human knowledge this man possess. And over and over again, he stresses the benefits of waking up early.

This habit should not be underestimated and, according to himself, he reached the conclusion that being an early riser is one of the critical success factors that most great people in the world practice daily. So follow a man that knows his area and has proven the effect of being an early riser.

6. Condoleeza Rice - Former U.S. Secretary

Early Riser - Condoleeza Rice

In order to get to the gym before work, Condoleeza Rice always woke up at 0430 in the morning.

"I’m not on automation, I don’t wake up every morning thinking, 'Oh yeah, let’s go!' I have to push myself."

- Condoleeza Rice

In general, result-oriented people and high-achievers like Condoleeza are more prone to be early risers than people with less self-discipline. So follow the recipe for success shown over and over again.

7. Napoleon - French Military & Emperor

Early Riser - Napoleon

This well-known 19th century French emperor believed strongly in being an early riser.

His morning routine was mostly spent getting dressed for his public appearances - a very complex and long process for a reign at this time of age. And even when he was sent to live in exile on the island of St. Helena he continued to rise early in belief for a better future for himself.

8. John Grisham - Lawyer, Politician & Author

Early Riser - John Grisham

Many writers can testify to the powerful and inspirational benefits of being up with the sun to write. John Grisham is definitely one of them and normally goes up at around 5 a.m. to start his writing around half an hour later.

Very often he will spend around two hours of creating his masterpieces before heading off to the busy work of a lawyer. With fantastic novels such as...

- The Firm

- The Rainmaker

- The Testament

- The Summons

...it is clear that being an early riser has been a cornerstone of his success.

9. Ernest Hemingway - Author & Journalist

Early Riser - Ernest Hemingway

Both his characteristic writing style and adventurous life has inspired many generations after his living.

Ernest did like many writers and made sure he got up to write in the early morning hours. At this time of the day, from around 5 or 6 in the morning, he could create his pieces totally undisturbed.

He also used the coming energy of the dawn to wake him up and that gave inspiration that lasted all morning until noon.


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Several recent studies keep confirming the correlation between rising up early and reaching your dreams in life. It takes energy, a positive spirit and perseverance. To able to be disciplined enough day in and day out to get up in the morning to really go after your dreams is the trademark of great achievers.

Yet another great personality that has made it is the the very inspiring and successful blogger of zenhabits.net, Leo Babauta. You can learn more in detail on his site about how he became an early riser.

Join the people listed here and your chances of success and fame will be greatly improved.

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