How To Wake Up Early
Early Riser Methods For Everyone

There is a great number of different ways for how to wake up early. And that's how it should be. All the methods that work are good. Simple as that. But what really separates the great methods from the good ones is how easy they are to use in practice.

Haven't we all had a few days where it suddenly was easy to wake up? How did we do it? Perhaps it was great sleep. Perhaps it was something that motivated us. Hard to tell. But you won't have to figure it out. All possible methods, tips and tricks will be discussed right here to ensure you truly learn how to wake up early.

To get a deeper understanding of waking up in the morning, check out the article on why do we wake up as well.

38. Coming in April 2014...

37. Improve Your Shift Work Sleep

Man jumping with briefcase

Are you a shift worker? Then discover all the secrets for better sleep and more energy.

36. Eat An Awesome Breakfast Like This

Wake up early and live with energy - all with the help from this type of awesome breakfast.

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35. Wake Up Early For School

Yellow School Bus

Improve your grades by learning how to wake up early for school.

This semester could be your big breakthrough :-)

34. Find Out About The 5 Lies Night Owls Like To Tell

Night Owl

"But evenings are much more fun" or "It's too hard to wake up early" - Both these lies and many more stop you from achieving what you truly want.

Find out about them now.

33. Understand Your Sleep Cycles

Time Spinning Clock

By understanding how your sleep cycles actually work you increase your chances tremendously to wake up early.

Find it all out now.

32. Drink Water In The Morning To Wake Up

Boy Drinking Water

The importance of drinking water is often underestimated. As a matter of fact, it can be used as a powerful tool to wake up early.

Learn about that and all the other extra benefits of drinking water in the morning.

31. Use Motivational Quotes To Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early Using Quotes

We all need a motivation boost once in a while to keep going, so find out how becoming an early riser can transform your life - all according to these quotes.

How To Wake Up Early Methods 26-30

30. Wake Up Fast With This Little Trick

Wake Up Fast

Get instant energy as soon as you wake up through this surprisingly simple and free method to make sure you can have an awesome morning.

29. Get The Early Morning Work Mindset

Early Morning Work

Are you working early mornings? Then please read on for the full insights from my trip to the far east.

This is how they succeed...

28. Get A Morning Boost With Time-Released Energy

Rise-N-Shine Wake Up On Time

If you're in need of a real energy-kick to get up in the morning, then this fantastic solution might be for you.

I have used it, and by taking a simple tablet in the evening before, I woke up totally alert and refreshed the next morning. Check it out...

27. Stay Out Of Bed Until You're Truly Awake

Stay Out Of Bed

Get familiar with one of the most powerful principles for ending a negative snoozing habit  - "The Inverted Snooze" will make sure you stay up until you wake up.

26. Rise Up To An Inspiring And Productive Morning

Productive Morning

Learn how to have a both inspiring and productive morning with these 10 recommended activities that will make your entire day fantastic.

How To Wake Up Early Methods 21-25

25. Wake Up On Time Using The Power Of Habits

Wake Up On Time

This is one of the most powerful ways to change yourself.

By using the immense power of your body and its appeal to habits, you will be able to transform yourself into an early riser in no-time.

Check out the way to wake up early, easy and alert every morning from now on!

24. Decide Your Wake Up Time

Wake Up Time

Learn about the power of decision in order to really fix your wake up time.

This way, you will soon see some great benefits.

23. Promise To Wake Up A Friend

Wake Up A Friend

Instead of having someone wake you up, you can actually put the pressure on yourself by calling to wake up a friend every morning.

Find out about the 2 other hidden benefits to why this has been proven successful.

22. Use A Morning Wake Up Call

Morning Wake Up Call

Morning wake up call services are back in business. And they're powerful too!

Check out these top 3 benefits and try the winner of my personal review.

21. Track Progress Towards Your Goal

Track Progress

To make sure you're always moving towards your goal of waking up early, it can really help to write down and track your progress.

Use this FREE sheet to start instantly.

How To Wake Up Early Methods 15 - 20

20. Punish Yourself To Achieve Your Goal

Punish Yourself

When rewarding yourself doesn't work, then it's time to change tactics.

It's time to learn how to punish yourself into achieving the goals you want - including becoming an early riser.

19. Reward Yourself To Achieve Your Goal

Reward Yourself

If you want to know how to wake up early consistently, then starting  to reward early rising is one of the best ways to build this into a strong habit.

Get the tips for how right here!

18. Get Out Of Bed, And Stay Out

Get Out Of Bed

It's far too common to end up back in bed after the alarm rings for the first time.

Eliminate snoozing all together and wake up early and easy with this 4-step method.

17. Practice To Wake Up

Practice To Wake Up

Of all the "how to wake up" methods I've ever known, this one is for sure top 3. How come?

It's just so damn brilliant at the very foundation. Listen, we are going to use the same way that we learn anything else in life - through practice, practice, practice.

Get ready for a couple of interesting days that will change your life!

16. Create A Reputation

Create A Reputation

Why start at the beginning? It's so hard!

Instead, what if we assume that you're already an early riser? Learn how with this creative new method.

How To Wake Up Early Methods 11 - 15

15. Take A Nap To Get Energy

Take A Nap

Do like the cats and take a nap. By regaining energy and sleeping better you will soon also learn how to wake up gently through this 5-step process.

14. Get Up With This Amazing Wake Up Song

Wake Up Song

If you're wondering why you actually need to wake up at all, then take a look and listen to this amazing wake up song that will make it all very clear to you ;-)

13. Go To Bed Tired

Go To Bed Tired

Unless you like wasting time lying around in bed, this is a must-do method. Learn how to make sure you only go to bed tired and never otherwise.

In the long run, it will pay off dramatically, let me explain why.

12. Make A Promise To Your Friend

Make A Promise

You can actually leverage your ability to wake up in the morning by using your friends for what they are for - support and motivation. And it's not even hard, just make a promise using these guidelines.

11. Wake Up Wet

Wake Up Wet

Quite a dramatic method to get out of bed in the morning - but trust me, it always works :-) Although I'm not sure it works exactly how you're picturing it...

How To Wake Up Early Methods 6 - 10

10. Get Enough Sleep

Getting Enough Sleep

A cornerstone of being able to wake up early and easy is that you're getting enough sleep. Use this how-to guide to make sure you're doing it right.

9. Study The Area Of Waking Up

Learn A New Skill

Knowledge is power. Use these 24 highly effective tips and techniques to understand how you can learn a new skill and master it in no-time. And of course this applies to learning how to wake up early as well :-)

8. Wake Up Using Pain And Pleasure

Pain And Pleasure

Learn about the the two opposing forces of pain and pleasure to boost your ability to wake up early in the morning. You will soon motivate yourself up instead of being forced by the alarm.

7. Use Your Pet To Wake Up

Wake Up By A Pet

To be able to wake up by a pet is a real innovate way to get out of bed in the morning. And it works.

So use your cute friend to get a great start of the day.

6. Let The Hunger Get You Up

Hungry In The Morning

Are you always hungry in the morning when you wake up?

Then turn that into something positive that will get you up easily so you can start your day right away.

By shifting your focus you'll be able to happily wake up early every day.

How To Wake Up Early Methods 1 - 5

5. Let The Light Wake You Up

Does Light Wake You Up

I'm often asked - does light wake you up in the morning? YES it does. Or at least it helps you towards waking up easier. But let me explain why and what you can do to really wake up early.

4. Avoid Snoozing


Are you sick of snoozing every morning? Let's dig a bit deeper and solve this ever-lasting problem. Soon you will be able to wake up early anytime by avoiding snoozing.

3. Schedule An Early Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting

Scheduling an early morning meeting is a classic way to make sure you wake up in the morning. But does it really work? Let me lay out the facts to make sure you can always wake up early.

2. Put The Alarm Clock Far Away

Put The Alarm Clock Far Away

To put the alarm clock far away from your bed is a simple yet very powerful trick to get out of bed in the morning. With this small extra trick, it will work like a charm.

1. Let The Music Get You Up

Wake Up Songs

Wake up songs can work wonders in the morning to get you up. Let's see how we can use music to wake up early. If you find a suitable song, it will surely get you up!

It All Comes Together

The methods listed on this page will make your totally unbeatable when it comes to waking up early. You will without a doubt know how to wake up just by looking through some of the suitable pages.

Just because a method doesn't work for you fully on its own doesn't mean that it can't help you. See the big picture and really try to create a routine that works for you.

And when you think you got it, why not try to wake up early as well. If you have the willingness to learn and to change your life to the better, then I will do all I can to support you!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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