Reward Yourself
21 Motivating Ideas To Achieve Your Goal

Reward Yourself

To reward yourself as you move towards your goal is a classic and powerful method to be successful. Basically, you build motivation and gain momentum by connecting progress to happiness. It's simple psychology and incredibly useful!

So today we're gonna see how to reward yourself in order to wake up easy and fast in the morning. I mean, I believe that all of us happen to wake up easy once in a while, just by natural chance. You are able to get to work/school at some point, right?

It's exactly these times of success that we want to leverage. The core of it is that you should reward yourself with something very specific - if, and only if, you manage to get out of bed at your set time. Otherwise, you will simply not get it!

If the reward is instant, that usually means stronger motivation, but it works just the same if you save it for later in the day or evening. Even later that week or month is possible if you make it big enough.

To illustrate I want to tell you about quite a simple way I used previously to reward myself after each time I successfully spent a full hour learning an additional language. It wasn't an easy one either - Chinese... :-) 

So I used a long-term reward to push myself forward. Each success led to me putting $5 in a savings jar for buying a new pair of skies :-) And now I've earned them and have enjoyed them all winter!


Now let's get down to some possible ways for rewarding yourself when you wake up on time. I have listed 7 of each kind - small, medium and large rewards.


Let's start off with a few small ways for how to rewards yourself each single day you make it.

  1. Take a hot bubble bath :-)
  2. Order home you favorite food!
  3. Watch your favorite TV series
  4. Go to the movies
  5. Take a powernap during the day
  6. Buy an ice cream after lunch
  7. Buy a lottery or scratch ticket


Since it can be a bit tricky to find suitable ways for rewarding yourself every day, another great idea is to aim for a big reward instead. Yes, same way of working, just more to win :-) So what you could do is to only let yourself be rewarded if you manage to wake up on time, say 3 out of 5 times from Monday to Friday. Or perhaps 4 to make it really worth =) Anyway, here are some options I know of:

  1. Buy a new pair of jeans
  2. Buy a new bathing suit
  3. Go away for the weekend
  4. Get a relaxing massage
  5. Go to an awesome concert!
  6. Get a pet =)
  7. Take your friends out to dinner


The final way of rewarding yourself is to go for the big stuff =) this way you will basically add money into a savings jar for every time you succeed. Hopefully, you'll be able to see as the money keeps growing as you progress! You can go for a monthly or perhaps an even bigger reward. Some great things to save for:

  1. Take a weekend cruise
  2. Pay for motorcycle lessons
  3. Buy the latest tech gadget
  4. Donate the entire amount to charity
  5. Go shopping for it all!
  6. Go to a luxurious spa :-)
  7. Go party like it's 1999!

The main reason why rewarding yourself works for achieving goals of various forms is the unique way in which it connects achievement with happiness. By achieving more you will also see greater rewards, which will keep you motivated to push through. If the reward is strong enough, you will soon feel how you drag yourself out of bed in the morning in order to get it.

So in essence, a strong motivation for the reward can create a very positive reinforcing cycle.

In actuality, we are simply replacing one goal (being able to wake up on time) with another one (your reward, e.g. going on that cruise) so that you will have an easier time to reach the first one. And in the end, it becomes a win-win situation for You & You as you achieve both of them :-)

Of course, this all requires that you're 100% honest to yourself. Snoozing won't get you any reward. It's simple: No success - no reward.

Now come up with a great reward to motivate yourself and then go wake up early! Have fun and enjoy your rewards :-)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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