Stay Out Of Bed
Use "The Inverted Snooze" To Stay Up Until You Wake Up

Stay Out Of Bed

Are you struggling to stay out of bed in the morning once the alarm has gone off? I know the feeling, total drowsiness and heading straight back to sleep... 

I know it's comfortable! But with some focus you'll be able to overcome this negative pattern quite quickly.

Let me present what I call "The Inverted Snooze". Also known as "The 9-Minute-Rule".

The core principle is...

If you manage to stay out of going back to sleep for the next 9 minutes (one snooze cycle) after your alarm rings, then your chances of staying up and having an energetic morning will literally skyrocket !

So all you effectively need to do is to stay out of bed until your alarm snoozes for the first time. That's why I call it The Inverted Snooze - instead of sleeping for another 9 minutes, we avoid sleeping for these 9 minutes.

I will try to help you on your way to accomplish this, but first a few words on why this principle actually works:

  • 9 minutes of high activity is more than enough to produce the levels of melatonin in your body to feel really awake
  • 9 minutes is also enough to get yourself satisfied by being up and to actually start doing something
  • By having clear focus on what to do once you're up, you will effectively remove all feelings of tiredness
  • By having a fixed first-milestone goal (9 minutes until the alarm rings again) you make it easier to fulfill your ambition

With these reasons in mind, let's get into to how to do The Inverted Snooze (including what not to do...).

How To Do The Inverted Snooze

First, just get out of bed and turn off the alarm. Then follow these simple guidelines for the upcoming 9 minutes:

  • Open your curtains straight away and turn on the lights in your house - light helps produce melatonin which will raise your body temperature and thereby making you feel more energetic.
  • Leave the room or at least leave the sight of your bed - don't let the temptation get to you...
  • Do not sit in a too comfortable sofa or chair - you know why ;-)
  • Drink a big cup of water - it will get your systems going.
  • Turn on some music you like - music often means energy.
  • Start your main morning activity - I highly recommend you to get started straight away at whatever you planned on using this precious morning time. That way, you'll get into something that is hard to interrupt. Breakfast you can always eat 15 minutes later.
  • Don't leave your alarm (of in many cases phone) too close to bed - when that snooze goes off you don't want to risk falling back to bed...

After 9 minutes your alarm will ring again and you've made it ! You're still up and I bet that you're energetic enough to stay out of bed.

So with all these reasons as well as ways to do it I encourage you to really put The Inverted Snooze to the test. If you're even struggling to get started, then I highly recommend you too look into how to practice to wake up in the morning.

Now I wish you the best of luck! And for any further questions, I'm always right here to help you sleep well, wake up early and have a great morning =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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