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Review Of Your Top 5 Options

These days, wake up call services are hip again :-) It's true actually. It's not only for hotels that these can be useful anymore.

So I recently used two full weeks to evaluate the top available alternatives. Below, I have performed 5 different wake up call services reviews. For each, I've provided some basic information on what they offer, my opinion as well as ranked them from 3 different perspectives.

If you want to know more about my overall view on wake up calls and their benefits, then check out my article on the topic.



Website: WakeUpLand.com

I find this service to be the most complete one by far. I tried it for more than a week actually because it simply was so good I wanted to keep going :-) They have a wide variety of opportunities these guys. As a start of course, you will set when too be called each day how many snoozes you want. Also, you'll be able to set the time period between each snooze, pretty useful.

After that, they more options which costs a bit more but can be quite fun. Some examples: 

  • Joke of the day
  • Stock quotes
  • Daily quote
  • Fun fact of the day
  • This day in history
  • Etc. etc.

I only had time to try the joke of the day and daily quote, but I can recommend having a daily joke combined with the Drill Sergeant voice =) it just makes everything funny!

Of all the wake up call services I've tried so far, this is the one that manages to take it to the a level by using new technology and smart thinking. So if you wanna use one, then go for WakeUpLand.

Price Level 3
User Friendliness 5
Features 5
Basics for Free Time-limited

Points: 13


Website: Snoozester.com

These guys offer what they call SecureAwake. A service with the purpose of not letting you be late :-) Simply put, it keeps calling every five minutes until you actually confirm that you're up. Well, it did get me up but I'm not hard to get up nowadays so I'm not sure if it's really more useful than a normal snoozing alarm. They also have the normal settings to let your call be repeated certain days of the week.

So who will call you? You can actually choose the voice a list of special characters to make it a bit more fun here.

Apart from wake up call services, they offer reminders as well. Basically, you will send yourself a text message or use text-to-speech to be reminded of something at a certain time.

There price levels are as varied as it gets really. You'll get a few free credits when you first signup so you can try and then there are different monthly plans to choose from.

Price Level 3
User Friendliness 4
Features 3
Basics for Free No

Points: 10


Website: WakerUpper.com

Quite a simplistic and straightforward service where you get the basics for free. Just set a time and choose frequency to repeat. That's all.

For their premium service you get snoozing (don't go there...) and a mobile interface as well. In general, it's as basic as gets so it works fine but doesn't offer any bells and whistles.

Regarding the message, you have three options:

  • Record one yourself
  • Upload an mp3
  • Use text to speech
Price Level 4
User Friendliness 4
Features 1
Basics for Free Yes

Points: 9


Website: WakeupDialer.com

This is a completely free service. But it's quite limited though. You can only set the next time you want to get a call since there's no login functionality.

That also means that you have to put in your number each time. Once it rings, you will be woken up to any of a list of random messages by Stephen Fry :-)

That's pretty much it.

Price Level 5
User Friendliness 2
Features 1
Basics for Free Yes

Points: 8


Website: Wake123.com

Usually you're able to get free services from here for a limited time period, but after that it's pretty costly.

I wasn't very impressed when I first entered their site and I have to say that their overall user interface is way outdated. I only tried it for a short while but that was enough to see that is not the best of them all.

They have been in the business for a long time but personally I believe they need some upgrades on their offers to stay competitive.

Price Level 1
User Friendliness 2
Features 3
Basics for Free No

Points: 6

In conclusion, we have one clear winner from this review of the top 5 wake up call services. It's pretty clear and my overall view of the usefulness of this type of service has actually been changed as well. From being quite skeptic, I now strongly recommend that you give it a shot, just to see if it works for you.

And according to me, there's no point unless you get the best functionality, so try WakeUpLand right now for a new experience.

Sleep tight and wake up great!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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