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Matthew M. McEwan

First of all, thanks for looking into my page. I am honored to be able to provide you with some valuable information about being an early riser.

As you might have read, my name is Matthew M. McEwan.

I am a 26-year-old highly ambitious businessman and life enjoyer. In my constant pursuit to make life even better I have made it a great habit to wake up really early every morning to take full advantage of each day. This has given me much more from life than I could even dream about in life.

Early-Riser.com was created in 2012 and I will continue to share my thoughts during 2013 as well of course. The three interlinked topics I write about is

Through my experience and will to try anything, I hope I am able to give you some guidance and tips to truly take advantage of the best part of the day. Let me tell you - If you are able to consistently wake up happy, then your entire life quality will skyrocket. No doubt, believe me.

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden but currently lives in Beijing, China. Why, you might ask.

Well, supporting me in all my endeavors is my wonderful fiancee and life partner, Zelda, another curious and happy early riser. She grew up in China and we met 3 years ago on a wonderful autumn day in Sweden.

So perhaps you think my name doesn't sound very Swedish? Well, actually, I have one Swedish name, one English name and one Chinese name. Depending on the country and the language, I'll simply use the most suitable name :-)

Finally I just want to say thank you all for reading. Anything you want to ask, just contact me through this online form or send me an email at matthew.m.mcewan@gmail.com.

Now, read on and enjoy your mornings!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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Thanks for reading!

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