Early Risers
Interviews With The Top Personal Development Bloggers of our Time

Early Risers Interviews

Being an early riser is a trademark of countless successful people, both now and in the past. So what are their secrets? How do they manage?

With these questions in mind, I am conducting a series of Early Risers Interviews with the some real genius people when it comes to personal development and how to create lasting change in our lives.

They are of course the top 100 personal development bloggers today. The people on this list are truly guiding all of us through life by sharing their insights and deep knowledge on their websites daily.

Thank you to all of you that have taken part, it's been a true pleasure interviewing you!

If you have any suggestions for another early riser that I should interview, then please just contact me as soon as you can :-)

Now, let's start the interviews!

Dragos Roua - DragosRoua.com

Early Riser Dragos Roua DragosRoua.com

"[Being an early riser] helped me to wake up early on pretty much everything: relationships, business opportunities, you name it. It helped me see things before they happened, in a way."

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Vidya Sury - VidyaSury.com

Early Riser Vidya Sury VidyaSury.com

"I secretly feel that the day magically stretches beyond the actual 24 hours! I get a great headstart to my day by rising early. I am mentally more alert and I get more done."

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Ken Wert - MeantToBeHappy.com

Early Riser Ken Wert MeantToBeHappy.com

"Not only am I more productive because of the freshness of the early morning, but there aren't the normal day-time distractions that so easily pull us away from our goals and plans."

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Tyler Tervooren - AdvancedRiskology.com

Early Riser Tyler Tervooren advancedriskology.com

"Find a pattern for yourself that you can stick to that allows you private time."

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Courtney Carver - BeMoreWithLess.com

Early Riser Courtney Carver BeMoreWithLess.com

"I think our morning routines become a way to get out the door instead of getting into a great day and I wanted to change that in my own life."

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Tammy Strobel - RowdyKittens.com

Early Riser Tammy Strobel RowdyKittens.com

"For me, it's the perfect time of day to get centered and to think about my work projects. Plus, I'm a photographer and I love taking photos of the sunrise."

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Marquita Herald - InspiredGiftGiving.com

Early Riser Marquita Herald InspiredGiftGiving.com

"Whether you use the time to get ahead of the day as I do, meditate, exercise, or just spend some quality time with the people you love, that little bit of extra “mindful” time can go a long way toward reducing stress and creating a happier frame of mind"

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Jeff Nickles - MySuperChargedLife.com

Early Riser Jeff Nickles MySuperChargedLife.com

"It never ceases to amaze me what I'm able to accomplish by getting up just one hour earlier. All this, adds up to some real accomplishments."

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Alden Tan - alden-tan.com

Early Riser Alden Tan alden-tan.com

"Try to make the habit of rising early. Mornings are truly special. Get up, and let your life improve on its own."

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Srinivas Rao - TheSkoolOfLife.com

Early Riser Srinivas Rao TheSkoolOfLife.com

"I've found that my best work is done early in the morning. I'm more creative in terms of my writing. It's just really peaceful when the rest of the world hasn't woken up yet."

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Alex Blackwell - TheBridgeMaker.com

Early Riser Alex Blackwell thebridgemaker.com

"For me, it’s my secret weapon. Being an early riser gives me the chance to get ahead of my day before my day gets ahead of me."

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