How To Fall Asleep
The 10 Best Tricks

If you're having problems to fall asleep, then you better continue reading. I truly know how important it is to know how to fall asleep fast if you want to become an early riser.

Well, it's important whether or not you aim to wake up early actually. Wasting time lying there in annoyance of still being awake is not a pleasant feeling for anyone.

But do not worry anymore! There are numerous ways that will transform you into an instant sleeper. My aim is to introduce you to some of those methods right here on these pages.

But first, you need to know why you cannot fall asleep in the first place.

Getting some clarity is step one. And that's not an easy question to answer. It can be anything from lack of nutrition to worrying about your work. So find out right now why you cannot fall asleep using a clear and easy method.

Actually, before you move on I'd just like to mention a very special case of why some people are unable to fall asleep - they are too tired to sleep. Yes, you heard me! And perhaps you have experienced this occasionally as well?

It can e.g. happen after you've performed a long continuous exercise session. I remember last time it happened to me. My body was all broken down and my mind was in pieced. Still I couldn't go to sleep until I finally figured out the ultimate way for how to fall asleep fast anytime.

OK, so basically you will have to go three stages to be able to fall asleep:

  • 1. Thinking
  • 2. Half-awake
  • 3. Sleeping

Pretty straightforward, right? Please note that the second stage here is actually sleep stage number one in the normal sleep cycle. In this stage, you can easily get woken up again. But the thing when it comes to the inability to go to sleep is that we can't even reach that stage. Mainly because the thinking-stage is blocking you from going any further.

So it's usually in your mind where the problem lies. And it can for sure be fixed using various techniques. The reason why I'm going to list some very different tips here is that different causes need different treatments.

And now it's time for what we've all been waiting for - some solid tips and techniques for how to fall sleep easy and quick by getting past lying there just thinking.

1. Free Your Mind

I bet that if you've ever tried it, you won't have anything bad to say. Yes, I'm talking about meditation. It's a fantastic way to let all your problems disappear. Or at least vanish from your mind.

During meditation, you will keep focus on your breath and let all other worries and thoughts just fade away. Afterwards, just rise up and don't let anything enter you mind anymore.

I'm telling you, the fantastic feeling of total awareness and presence in the now is unbeatable. It will take some practice of course, but there's nothing easier than falling asleep when your mind is a blank canvas.

2. Take A Hot Bath

This very comfortable and relaxing method for how to fall asleep and it actually has two benefits. First of all, as I mentioned, it's damn relaxing and feels great =)

Second of all, taking a hot bath will cause your body temperature to rise of course. So what happens afterwards is that the sudden cooling down period will cause you to get sleepy. Why?

Because that's simply how the body works. You see, your body's natural temperature (circadian) cycle shows a clear drop at around 10pm in the evening for most people. So if you somehow lack this drop naturally or if your biological clock is out of sync, then taking a hot bath can be the only remedy you need.

3. Read A Novel

Reading a good story will get your mind focusing on one single thing. That's of course why so many people love reading - No more noise from the world around us. Instead we can just enter a world in which we can decide ourselves how fast things will move forward.

So dust off a novel and get reading until your mind is calm again. That's right, it should definitely be a novel. I know that you might want to learn more and more about even more things, but before going to bed it's best to just make it easy for your brain.

4. Turn Off Your Computer And TV

Any flickering screen in front of you will stimulate your brain activity and make it harder for your mind to reach a calm state. So turn off all your equipment at least 30 minutes before hitting the sack.

And that includes using your phone as well.

5. Unwind

The best way to unwind in the evening is to do some sort of focused routine, preferably involving both the body and the mind...

Oh wait, I know something like that!

Yoga! That's right. It's a fantastic way to get your body and mind in balance. Now even if you're not a big fan of yoga or have never tried it before, don't be afraid. It's just a collection of movements in order to strengthen your concentration, health and awareness.

Afterwards you might end up feeling fresh like a morning breeze, yet at the same time relaxed like a napping kitten. The prefect conditions to fall asleep instantly ;-)

6. Have A Dimmer Light

What's the number one enemy to sleeping?

Light, of course.

So the measure we want to take is to install one of those dimmer light switches. That way, you can gradually reduce the light as the evening goes by.

This will avoid the sudden change from a "full awake"-state to having to sleep. Instead, we take it step by step and makes sure your body gets in the right mood for sleeping :-)

Actually, a good friend of mine took this a step further and installed a full-fledged automatic light system that gradually reduces the amount of light in the bedroom as the night moves on :-)

7. Close Your Day

I believe this trick right here is one of the most powerful ways for how to fall asleep fast.

The absolute first recommendation I received when I once started a management training course was too reflect on my life every day. By developing this habit you will notice what a powerful little routine this actually is. You will get more clarity, enjoyment and focus into your life.

What this means in reality is that you should set aside 5 to 10 minutes each evening before going to bed where you write down your thoughts about the events of the day. Things such as...

  • What did you achieve?
  • What went well, and why?
  • What can you improve? What did you learn today?
  • Any new impressions?
  • Etc. etc.

Don't just write a list of what you did in report-form. No. Instead take this opportunity to close the day that has now passed. By summarizing and getting your feelings on paper, it will be much easier for you to move on to new challenges.

You might find yourselves more calm and relaxed afterwards which inevitably will make you fall asleep much easier and faster.

Simple put, you place all your worries behind you. That's why it works!

8. Don't Exercise Too Late

Exercise is great, we all know that. But if you have the option of choosing, then you should definitely work out in the morning or at least before 8 in the evening.

Otherwise you might end up lying restless in bed from all that energy you built up during your exercise.

9. Skip The Naps

I love naps and think they are a great way to boost my energy level during the day. But if want to know how to fall asleep fast, then I can only say that the best way is to be really tired when bedtime comes.

That means no power naps. Sorry.

10. Eat And Drink Right

As you might have heard, it’s not ideal to eat right before going to bed. That will just create a lot of work for you inner organs during the night when they actually need to recover as well. But there are some special things that can help if you just need something extra.

A glass of warm milk and a banana is a real classic and is backed up by scientific proof as well. They both contain a special acid that will help in getting your body to sleep.

Many people like too drink a hot cup of tea in the night. Not me though. Don't get me wrong, I love tea, but since tea has diuretic effects, it always causes me to wake up a few hours later having to go pee... So even it might get you to sleep, chances are it won't be for long.

If you still cannot sleep, then there's actually a guaranteed way that will work anytime. I saved it for the end here just because it's so powerful, yet so easy at the same time. Have a look if you're desperate :-)

The 10 tips above are the absolute best ones when it comes to falling asleep. Trust me, I know how to fall asleep. Give me a few minutes anywhere, anytime and I bet I'll be dreaming away in no-time =)

I hope you will too soon. Good luck!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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