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Becoming an early riser and consistently wake up early doesn't have to be that hard. That's actually what I've realized during my journey.

But if someone would have told me that before I started, then I would have most likely reacted the way you are right now...

"What are you talking about??

Nothing I do seem to work to wake me up!"

Seriously, I was angry... Well, ok, maybe not angry. That's a bit stupid, but at least very disappointed when I just couldn't do it.

To really be able to be an early riser, the best thing I found was to really study the area. Just like with anything else. If you want to be the best at tennis, then you practice every day. If you want to get top grades, then you study hard.

Whatever area in your life that you want to master - study it.

They say that it takes about 10 000 hours before you can become excellent in a specific area. Now that's probably true for playing tennis or becoming a lawyer. But thanks god it's not when it comes to being an early riser. We'll just have to do a little bit of learning to nail this area of our life.

Because my strong belief is that this is a skill that anyone can develop and as with all skills – we just need to exercise it to improve it. Now this skill is one that for sure is worth exercising. The value can be tremendously high and the benefits amazingly good.

So that's what we'll do right here. Buckle up and when you've finished this page, you might already have taken a major step to being able to wake up early and easy in the morning. No more waking up tired.

Why Wake Up Early?

So why would you even want to learn how to wake up early? I mean, it's sooo nice lying there in bed, right?

Let me just emphasize that it’s not only about how to wake up early we are talking about here. The goal is to consistently wake up early and feeling fresh. I have found one major, I mean major, reason why this habit is extremely valuable:

One hour in the morning is 10 times more worth than one hour late in the evening.

Yeah, let me repeat that. One hour in the morning is 10 times more worth than one hour late in the evening.

A fantastic morning routine can change your life. It did for me.

Maybe you think that this is only true for real morning people. Well, I don't think so. I have been able to completely transform my habits to reach a much higher quality in life. And now I just keep going on autopilot. I truly wish you strive for the same, and I'll do all I can to get you there!

The benefits can of course be very different from person to person. There are some common key values though. Here are just a few examples:

  • Starting the day without stressing
  • Not wasting time snoozing in bed
  • Quality time doing what you like the most
  • Setting yourself up for a successful day

If you still aren't convinced it's worth a try, no worries, check out the benefits of waking up early and I bet you'll see some real values for yourself as well.

In fact, many prominent people have had this habit. If you're interested, read more about successful early risers as well.

Becoming A Long-Term Early Riser

What we are really looking for here is a feasible long-term solution and I assume you share this objective with me. To be able to rise up almost effortless in the early morning is worth your own weight in gold.

To me, there is no point messing around with short-term methods to try to solve this problem. Without a shadow of a doubt anyone could wake up by having a friend pour a bucket of ice cold water at her.

But why?? Is this how we want to start every brand-new day?

Same story goes for having 5 different alarm clocks or setting the radio to some awful music. It works, BUT it isn’t fun! Therefore you will most likely only keep it up a few times.

I have heard so many people give tips such as “make sure you schedule an early meeting” or “promise to call someone at 6.30”.

I mean, really?? I would imagine that it might be pretty difficult to keep scheduling meeting or phone calls first thing in the morning every day for a long long time. That’s a lot of meetings…

However, the underlying approach has great value. As soon as you wake up, you want to feel like you have to get out of bed. Like there’s no other option. And the fact is that for many people it is unthinkable to stand up a friend or colleague, hence they just do it. They just get up. Simple as that.

The unfortunate fact though is that this is not a long-term solution. So instead we want to find something that will make you feel the exact same way, but preferably also based on your very own motivation as well as simple enough so that you can keep it up.

So check out the 2-step process of turning into an early riser:

1. Get Motivated

2. Make It Simple

Reading these two guides will give you the complete foundation to become an early riser.

The Morning Habit Will Make You Wake Up

Basically, the key is to form a habit of waking up early at the same time. Always. When you have found your crisp clear motivation to why you really want to get up in the morning, you are ready to make it simple and sustainable.

So again, you must always wake up at the same time in the morning.

By setting your alarm to the exact same time every morning, your body and mind will soon start to self-adjust your biological clock. If you sleep to short, you will inevitably want to go to bed earlier. If you sleep to long, you might stay up later and not sleep enough the next night.

If waking up at the same time makes you tired, then that's OK because that just means that you will go to bed at a better time the following night. And so the wake up routine begins.

The real magic is when you'll wake up 5 min before your alarm, feeling fresh like a morning breeze.

I know - it's so awesome!

I bet you have experienced it a few times before. After just a couple of days of a good routine, the body starts to adjust. That's the miracle of sleeping well. You will never have to wake up tired again!

OK, I know, I might be a bit too excited here, so I'll try to calm down... no worries... It's just that this stuff is so powerful. Yet very simple.

But since we are all human, it's never as easy as it sounds. I know. So there are some additional really effective tips that you should know about.

I hope you now see the benefits of being an early riser. And trust me when I say that it might seem difficult in the beginning. But it's not. So let's try to reap the benefits by waking up early!

And just a final word on which approach you are going to choose to become an early riser. Please learn from other people's mistakes, make it right and go for the one successful way for how to wake up earlier.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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