Wake Up Call Service
The Top 3 Benefits To Give It A Try

Wake Up Call Service

Using a wake up call service used to be a life-saver for many people. In hotels only that was. But today it's time to re-evaluate these services.

You see, nowadays it's not just someone calling you with a bitter voice saying

"Hi, this is your wake up call..."

No, today it's much more advanced. Some of the services have managed to bring it out of that old boring hotel-connected space and create something useful for anyone.

I was surprised, I have to say, after I had performed my review of the top wake up call services. Times have changed and it now offers some value, even in the mind of an early riser like me.

Some examples...

You can for example record your very own message to be read to you when you wake up. I can think of a few times that would have been quite useful. Just recently, I had an appointment at the veterinarian early in the morning. They even called me the night before to confirm the time. "No problem, I'll be there!" I said. And as usual I woke up on time and went on with my life. But for some reason I had completely forgot about that appointment! It was nowhere in my mind until I got a call from the clinic saying "We are waiting for you here...".

That would have been a great time to have morning reminder where I get told about my appointment :-) I know, it's a bit stupid, our minds should remember stuff without being told, but sometimes these things happen.

Another time this can be very useful is if you're away travelling for business. Since your sleeping schedule might change a bit due to new places and new activities, using these services is not a bad idea.

And let me tell you some more about how these wake up calls work nowadays. Some of them e.g. offer the opportunity to wake up with joke =) how great is that! Or with the weather report. Or the stock quotes :-)

The outcome of my wake up call service ranking was quite clear. The winner, WakeUpLand.com, was fairly outstanding in almost all aspects. Their service is extremely configurable and easy-to-use. And the icing-on-the-cake is of course those fun add-ons, such as getting a daily inspirational quote or hearing a joke. It has all the basic functionality as well, setting wake up time for each day, including snoozing and reminder services.

I don't often recommend certain products, but I do think trying a wake up call service is pretty fun. So if you're going for one, I strongly recommend WakeUpLand.

But why is it really useful with a wake up call when I can just use my phone or alarm clock you might ask. Here's why...

Top 3 Benefits Of A Wake Up Call Service

Actually, there are quite a lot of things to come into play when we use this way to wake up. Here are three things I've found useful:

1. It's set in stone

You can get your wake up process entirely automated this way. You won't be able to postpone the alarm time just because you went to bed late. No. And that's a good thing you know. We want to make sure we always wake up at the same time and this really helps fulfilling our goal.

2. Added pressure

Let's face it, you get that extra pressure of having to get up. As soon as you get a call, your mind will get alert to hear what it's about. It's almost like someone else is calling you and then you better be woken up...

3. A fun start

An alarm clock is no fun way to wake up. It's the complete opposite actually! So hearing a joke or the weather report is a much more interesting and useful way to activate your mind as a first towards getting out of bed. There's no other way really. So if you want to kick-start your day, then this can be the way to go. And if you're lucky, the positive spirit might just keep you going for many hours.

So believe it or not, but if you're having problems to wake up in the morning, then I really recommend you to at least try these services. And I mean there's no point using one unless it offers some additional value.

Therefore it has to be a good one. It won't be free, but not expensive either so don't worry. The starting point I recommend is WakeUpLand.com, just give it a shot.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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