Power Breakfast
Give Me 7 minutes And I'll Double Your Energy Level

Power Breakfast

Let me introduce you to the concept of The Power Breakfast. By the end of this post I hope you'll be able to live a high-energy life every single day! All through eating right in the early morning.

Imagine eating a fantastic breakfast that will make sure you can get the absolute best out of both your body and mind. Instead of getting filled with that familiar feeling of drowsiness in the afternoon, you'll have enough energy to make use of all hours in a day.

Then the core principle you want to follow is...

"Eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with a friend, and give your dinner to your enemy."

This saying has three very strong and helpful messages:

  1. Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be healthy, energetic and large 
  2. Your lunch should be quite light, but enough to get you through the afternoon
  3. Your dinner should be very light and you might even skip it sometimes

You don't have to take this literally, but the main point is this - Focus your food intake to the earlier part of the day. That way you'll be able to ride on that early energy throughout the entire day.

So let's get down to business. How to eat an awesome healthy power breakfast that will set you off in the right direction. Take a look if you manage to fulfill the following:

The 7 Keys To A Successful Power Breakfast

1. Easy To Cook

Your breakfast has to be pretty simple and fast to prepare.


Otherwise you probably won't do it more than once a month. But since we want to find something you can have daily, let's go for simplicity.

2. Eat Protein

You need fuel in the morning, and protein rich food is the best rocket-fuel out there. It's the building block of all the cells in your body, meaning it's vital to get your muscles going.

So focus on food such as eggs, soys, nuts, and seeds. Also, why not add some protein powder into your smoothie to create your very own super drink.

3. Eat A Lot

Most of us tend to eat far less than actually needed in the morning; For some it's because of stress while for others it's ::lack of appetite at breakfast time::. Whatever the reason, we need to start eating a full meal in the morning.

The fact is that you only have about 20% of your energy storage remaining when you wake up compared to when you went to bed. So you better fill it up good!

4. Drink Water

The best way to get all your systems going instantly after waking up is to drink a big full cup of water. And I mean a BIG cup. That water will empower all of your organs and muscles so you can be powered up.

Without water, you might have another of those days where you walk around like a zombie until noon... so make sure you get plenty of this ultimate source of a power breakfast.

5. Avoid Caffeine

Drinking that morning coffee might be a habit you've had for years by now, and you probably heard it before that drinking coffee is not that good for you. From the perspective of having long-term energy I wouldn't drink coffee anymore. Sure, you might get that initial energy boost, but when it wears off you're gonna hit a new low. Then you might need another coffee to get going for a while again...

As you can see, you will have to drink coffee all day to get going and your energy level will go up and down like a roller coaster. If you want to have stable high energy all day, then you got to use other methods.

Also, notice that coffee will increase your production of urine, thereby causing you to be dehydrated unless you make sure to drink enough water.

6. Eat Complex Carbohydrates

Simply put, there are two types of carbs - simple and complex. In short, the sugar from simple carbs is absorbed by your body faster, thereby giving you much quicker energy. However, when the sugar suddenly runs out your energy will dip sharply.

So by eating complex carbs in the morning instead, your energy will last much longer. Some great examples are whole grains as well as many fruits and vegetables.

7. Drink Smoothies

Smoothies are an awesome way to start a day! It's my absolute passion to try different smoothies. The reason why it's so good for you is the combination of the dairy product base (like milk or yogurt) and all the delicious things you put in there. Fruits, berries and grains are all great - they're fresh, healthy and will make you go strong for many hours.

Personally, I used to be a total mess in the afternoons after 3 p.m. until I started taking my breakfasts seriously. I have always been fairly hungry in the morning, but my main problem was that I ever really fulfilled that need. I had some sandwiches and then went off with my day. Usually, less than 1 hour after I left home, I was even hungrier than when I woke up! Basically, I had a so called bad breakfast - perhaps you recognize the mistakes?

So the change for me was dramatic after I learned about the importance of breakfast. E.g. if I go hiking nowadays, I can last until dinner if I make sure I eat a correct and big breakfast. No problem. And the best thing is - you can do it too!

So when you look into different types of breakfasts, then keep all of the key points above in mind.

And if you start to follow these guidelines straight away, I can almost guarantee you that you will feel much more energetic in the days to come. Use the guidelines for a power breakfast freely and be creative. Whenever you need more specific advice, check out my favorite powerful breakfast ideas I put together.

Now let me ask you, what breakfast do you prefer and why? Sharing is caring so let me know :-) Thanks and live energetic!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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