Bad Breakfast
Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Breakfast?

Bad Breakfast

Why do so many of us eat what I like to call a BAD BREAKFAST?

Of course, the word BAD is only useful here once I explain my own purpose with breakfast:

I want a breakfast to be like a full batch of rocket fuel that will last for many many hours of high-activity.

The first meal of the day should basically...

  1. Start your engine quickly so you won't have to be half-dead until noon.
  2. Keep your engine running on the highest gear until lunch time and preferably contribute even after that.

So let me re-phrase that question. Why do we keep starting our days without the right fuel we need for a great day?

It's all about eating the right food in the morning - healthy and rich of energy. I mean, how can you accomplish all of your dear dreams unless you have a body and mind that's willing to work for you?

That's right, you can't! So let us go through the absolute most common mistake when it comes to breakfast. These are all possible ingredients of a bad breakfast:

Top 10 Bad Breakfast Mistakes

10. Coffee

Everyone's morning favorite. But if you want to have a high and stable energy level throughout the day, then drinking coffee as soon as you're tired is simply not the solution.

9. Soft Drinks / Energy Drinks

It's tasty, I know! And it probably wakes you up pretty fast. But an hour later when the sugar rush has passed, you're gonna wish you had something more sustainable for breakfast.

8. White Bread

Mostly air and sugar... If you're into bread in the morning, then go for whole grains instead. Look for 100% whole wheat or whole grain in the store, put on some great toppings like egg or avocado, and I bet you'll last all until noon.

7. Meat

I have absolutely nothing against meat, trust me. But if you eat hard-to-digest food like this straight out of bed, then your body will surely have a hard time for the next couple of hours.

First of all, your body is not completely up to speed yet and second of all you will have to spend a lot of your body's energy on breaking down that meat instead of building yourself up for a great day.

6. Sugar

Eating anything with high-sugar is not the ideal way to start your mornings. This type of food consists of what we call simple carbohydrates and are very easy for your body to extract energy from. "Isn't that a good thing?" you might think.

However, since that energy boost will hit you very fast, you won't last very long. Instead, focus on food with complex carbohydrates, such as many fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

5. Fast Food

If you tend to grab your breakfast at a fast food chain on your way to work or school, then please think again. Sure, the good thing is that you usually get a big meal but the downside is way worse. By stuffing yourself with fried, grilled and any other type of processed food in the morning, you're giving your body a hell of a tough time to find any energy left over to live an active life.

For example, since fried food contains such a high-level of fat, you have to spend more energy breaking them down than what you get out... get it?

4. Vending Machine Snacks

No good breakfast has ever come out of a vending machine. Crisps, chocolate bars, sodas - none of them is something I would recommend for breakfast.

Usually this type of food contains a lot of trans fat which your body might have to spend up to 8 hours (!) breaking down during the day - that's were all your energy goes...

3. No Water

After 6+ hours of sleep, your body needs water to get going again! Give it in big dozes to jump start all your organs and muscles.

It is so common to just drink a cup of coffee and have a sandwich before heading off to work, but if you just add a big glass of water there as well, I can almost guarantee that your daily results will improve. And it's not only for your organs and muscles - your brain simply thrives in water and needs it to function fully.

2. Eating Too Little

For most of us, breakfast is a small meal. I say, change it! You won't last very long on a small bowl of cereal and some milk. So get creative and add in lots of food. Why not some porridge, a couple of egg sandwiches, a fruit smoothie and a big cup of water?

If you're looking after your weight, then the breakfast is the last meal you should skip. In general, follow the rule to eat most of your food early in the day and very little after 1600.

1. Skipping Breakfast

'This one's even worse than the one above. If you skip breakfast, you basically let your body remain in a low-energy state all until noon. I am aware that you might not have much of an appetite early in the morning, but then let's solve that problem instead. I bet there is some light food you can eat to get going. Start from there and expand later on.

These are all great ingredients of a true bad breakfast. So be aware of what you eat if you want live with energy and have the capacity to go for what you really want in life. It all starts with a great power breakfast - every day.

Let me know if there are any other foods you think should fit on this list. I am always looking to learn more - in this case about what not to eat to avoid having a bad breakfast.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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