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Suffering from any type of sleep problems can have impact on every single part of your life. It can leave you depressed and without energy. 

So it's time to learn a bit on how to fight these problems.

I will try to help as much I can by continuously writing articles on how to overcome various types of sleep disorders and problems. I base all my knowledge on what I have experienced myself, talking to experts as well as thorough research.

Sleeping bad will of course also impact your ability to become an early riser and wake up easy. Without satisfactory sleep, you won't gather enough energy to live a life filled with energy and joy.

So let's get straight to it, here are all my tips!

Quit Waking Up Choking

If you need urgent information about the problem of waking up choking, then you are surely in the right place. 

However, the first thing you must know before we get started is that this is a very serious matter so listen carefully.

Okay, I'm going to present the top three causes for why people wake up choking. For each of them, please try to evaluate your own situation.

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Treat Early Morning Insomnia

Do you hate your early morning insomnia?

I hope so. Everyone that suffers surely do and it's time to improve this state once and for all.

Everything that I refer to in this article is from a research report about the treatment of early-morning awakening insomnia...

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Symptoms For Sleep Apnea In Children

Sleep apnea in children might not be as common as in adults, but it is still a major problem. So that's why I thought we would spend some time on this today.

So let's talk about the symptoms you should look for to be on the safe side.

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End Night Terror

Do you have them? These horrible night terrors where you suddenly wake up screaming in full panic. Then let's see how you can solve this once and for all.

And even if it's for your kid there are some potential great treatments.

Simply put, night terror is just like a panic attack - but in your sleep.

Therefore we have to get to the bottom of this situation. Based on my own experience as well as talking to a couple of doctors I have gained a few insights into this area.

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No More Wake Up Screaming

I know that you are wondering. What does it mean to wake up screaming and why does it happen?

It could be happening to you, or perhaps to your child. Whatever your specific situation, I have some great insights to offer. The thing is that I have experienced this myself, but also have friends with kids suffering from this.

So I took these symptoms and went to do some research - with doctors, in books and online.

These are my results.

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Stop Wake Up Gasping For Air

If you've ever happened to wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night, then please read the information below. I have here collected the main reasons for why this can happen sometimes.

Don't worry, you will soon get some clarity.

Even though you might find understanding and help online, you should ALWAYS go see a doctor about this symptom. Some causes can be very serious and it's always best to get an experts opinion.

In general, the reason why you suddenly wake up the way you do is that...

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How To Sleep On A Plane

Hey everyone! I'm just back from vacation and would like to bring up something that's been troubling me for quite a long time - how to actually manage to sleep on a plane?

I bet you too have experienced the agony and discomfort of trying to get a good night’s sleep during a long flight... Most of us have. It can spoil a big part of your vacation if you don't manage to get any sleep during a long flight.

So during my latest vacation...

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End Early Morning Sickness

If you are pregnant and suffering from early morning sickness, then I want to contribute with some knowledge right here.

After speaking to a few professionals about this syndrome, as well talking to a few friends that suffered in the past, I decided to write a post about it.

So as you all know, morning sickness can...

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Cure Early Morning Awakening

Early morning awakening is horrible. Countless people describe the agony of spending several hours each early morning trying to fall asleep again.

The effects will be bad mood and general signs of depression when suffering from this type of insomnia.

One interesting theory to why this happens is...

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I hope my contribution so far has helped you in some way. If you have any comments or want me to investigate another sleep problem, then just write in the comments or send me a message.

Sleep well everyone!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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