Early Morning Insomnia
Research Reveals Proven Method

Do you hate your early morning insomnia?

I hope so. Everyone that suffers surely do and it's time to improve this state once and for all.

Everything that I refer to in this article is from a research report about the treatment of early-morning awakening insomnia. I will soon go in to all the details and how you can start improving today.

What Is The Main Cause?

First, let's just clarify the main cause of the problem. You might already know it - it's all about your circadian rhythm.

That's the root cause and that's what we will deal with today.

So What Is The Circadian Rhythm Anyway?

In short, this is your body's temperature rhythm. Contrary to what most people believe, your body's temperature does not stay constant throughout the day. As you can see in the picture below, a change of 2 degrees Celsius is not abnormal.

Circadian Rhythm

Note that the circadian rhythm is not the cycle we mean when we usually refer to our biological clock. It can instead be seen as a something being controlled by our "master cycle".

It is also a fact that the circadian rhythm has a "genetic component", hence we are all different from birth. But it also has an "environmental component", meaning that we still have the power to impact our own rhythm.

So How Can I Affect The Circadian Rhythm?

The answer is simple - through melatonin, a natural hormone. Put simply, it has the ability to make you sleepy. But let's take a real-life example. When you lack sunlight, your body will start to produce more and more melatonin. This will in turn cause your eyes to droop.

This is probably why this hormone has the nickname "hormone of darkness" :-)

How Can I End Early Morning Insomnia?

So to summarize so far - the reason for early morning awakening is a problem with your circadian rhythm, which in turn is affected by melatonin.

The solution is right in front of us then - we need more melatonin! Lot's of it!

In essence, you can actually delay your circadian rhythm.

Yes, this is possible. Through something called bright light therapy.

A study showed that, by exposing the participants to bright light during two evenings, they managed to postpone their circadian rhythm (temperature cycle) and thereby altering their biological clock. The results, even after four weeks, were remarkable. In general, the exposed participants slept more, woke up later and had less negative daytime symptoms.

And the best part is this - you can do the same yourself. I know many, many people who had similar results after this type of therapy - in the comfort of their own home.

Basically, you need a bright light therapy lamp, they look like this.

Then you need to follow the steps as outlined here:

  • Day 1: Use the bright light therapy lamp for 4 consecutive hours in the evening, preferably between 8pm and midnight.
  • Day 2: Repeat what you did during day 1.

The lamp used in the experiment was set to an intensity of 2500 lux and used at a distance of 70 cm.

Then you wait and see the results.

By doing the same treatment, you can get the same fantastic result. I've seen it happen.

So take the opportunity to try this type of treatment. You definitely have nothing to lose. We can end early morning insomnia together!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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