Wake Up Tired
Never Again With This Surprisingly Simple Formula

Wake Up Tired

I used to wake up tired all the time. I remember the feeling of being half-dead when that alarm clock rings and how anxiety and depression quickly flowed into my mind. It's a horrible experience, yes. Yet so many of us go through it every single day! Now, that's not right if you ask me. It shouldn't have to be like that.

So be hold, there is actually a magic formula that will guarantee that you never wake up tired again. Alright, perhaps it's not really magic, but if you follow it, you will see direct results. And Yes, I have experienced this myself. And Yes, my friends now use it as well!

First, let's clarify some things.

  • To wake up tired is not only caused by sleeping too short
  • It is possible to never have to wake up tired again
  • To wake up tired can be caused both by the mind and the body

So let's get to that formula, shall we? Now, don't be angry because of its simplicity. Remember what they say, knowing the basics is often the key to success.

The 3 Rules Of The Magic Formula

1. Never Snooze

If you manage this one, then you are doing really well! As soon as you snooze, you tell your body that it's OK to continue lying around for a while. But it's not!

The snoozing cycle of 9 minutes is way too short to be able to recover any more than what you did during the last 6-9 hours. Therefore, however tired you feel, you have to get up. Trust me, it will pay off during the upcoming days. If you've ever heard of someone that has been able to suddenly feel really fresh after a couple of round of snoozing, then please let me know right now cause I wanna learn :-)

OK, great, so never snooze. But that's not enough. This just makes sure you don't spoil the opportunities you have. Next up is...

2. Always Go To Bed At The Same Time

This is the killer rule right here. If you are able to consistently go to bed at the same time each day, while you of course also set your alarm the same time each morning, then miracles will start to happen. You just can't avoid it! =)

How this works is that your body will start to adjust itself to finally having sleeping habits that are set in stone.

It's just like for a 100m sprinter preparing for a big race. His goal is to perform at his maximum capability at exactly the time of the race. But what happens if they suddenly postpone the race a bit? All of his preparations get useless. Maybe he'll turn hungry. He might have to go to the toilet. Perhaps his muscles will start to fatigue.

All this is the same as what happens when you suddenly go to bed at a different time tonight than yesterday. If you don't let the body prepare for a given bedtime, then how can you expect that you will get a great sleep performance?

So remember, the ability to form a habit around your sleep is critical. This way you can make sure that you are able to sleep full sleep cycles and wake up light and alert.

3. Set The Right Conditions

Don't expect to sleep like an angel if you don't have the right conditions. Here are some things to think about:

  • Mattress - Get the perfect one for you. I can't stress it enough how important it is to really spend some extra money on your bed. This investment will pay off in energy, less pain, better health and more happiness. Now that's for sure more worth than any money in the bank.
  • Bed sheets - I have the best tip for you on this one. Silk. Yeah, you heard it right. S-I-L-K. Once you go silk, you will never want to go back. It's just so damn soft on your skin that it feels like you're being hugged by a big fluffy bear mama...
  • Temperature - Keep it cool and adjust the temperature using the right bed cover instead. Preferably one that breathes. Research show that keeping a cool room yields much better sleeping habits and you'll be much more likely to avoid waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Quiet - This is a given, of course you should have it quiet when you sleep. Yet quite a lot of people let the TV be on or use the stereo to fall asleep. Don't do it is my standard answer to these issues. You just increase the chance of something waking you up, and whoops - you're sleep just get ruined.
  • Fresh air - A good flow of air through the bedroom is necessary to avoid that your body reacts to the otherwise stuffed or thick air. Just set the AC to sleep mode and you're good to go.

So with the right conditions, nothing will at least wake you up suddenly and you have all the potential for sleeping through the night - a cornerstone to avoid waking up tired.

Does It Really Work?

Will I really stop waking up tired if I follow these 3 rules? you might ask.

I guarantee that you will. However, don't take them lightly. In reality, it's pretty hard for most of us to follow strict habits like these ones. E.g. how are you going to handle these challenges?

  • Your bedtime is in 15 min, but it's still 30 minutes left on the movie you're watching - Will you continue?
  • You will have to send your friends home right now if you're gonna be able to go to sleep at your bedtime - Can you do it?
  • The alarm rings and you turn it off. The sudden depression of having to go to work hits you right on - Can you avoid snoozing?
  • You have the choice of buying a new iPhone or getting the ultimate bed just for you - What's your choice?

If you're determined to never again wake up tired, then I believe in you too! But if you have your doubts still... sorry. It's just not gonna work until you decide to live by these 3 rules - day in and day out.

But it might just change your life forever if you do...

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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