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Searching for how to wake up earlier?

Well, how early are we talking about? One hour? Three hours?

First of all, let's define a specific time to aim for.

Let's say you manage to crawl out of bed at around 7.30 nowadays. And perhaps you want to wake up at 6.00 instead. That would create all this extra time in the morning so you would be able to take a fresh walk, exercise, do yoga, spend time on your hobby, or whatever you are hoping for.

Sound great right?

However, the unfortunately thing that happens for most of us are almost always one out of two alternatives. I will go through them here. And finally I will reveal the most successful approach. Let's go!

1. Failure Approach:
The "Turtle" Approach

The tactic here is to try to wake up earlier a little bit at a time. Each day means 5 minutes earlier. So after 12 long days you will have managed to cut back your waking up time with one complete hour.

News flash - this rarely works.

If you have tried this method, then you know that it's almost impossible to reach the final day of your plan without failure. And even so, you will feel dead tired every single morning.

The problem here is that this goes totally against how our bodies work. You see, the key to waking up early is to establish a habit. That way, your body will start to self-adjust its sleep cycles to your routine. In essence, you will wake up fresh, rested and usually 5 minutes before the alarm clock.

So instead of the turtle approach we have to do the opposite:

One BIG change.

So if you want to change from 8.00 to 5.30 then you must make one single complete shift.

But this turtle approach is not the only wrong approach we tend to take...

2. Failure Approach:
The "It would be nice" Approach

The mindset "It would be nice with some more time in the morning" might make you move back your wake up time with half an hour or so.

Compare that to the mindset "I will turn my life around by being a powerful and energetic early riser".

What I mean is that you should strive for EXCELLENCE, not just a mere small improvement.

Dare to dream big. Go for 5.00 in the morning, not 6.30.

What happens when we just want to "adjust" our wake up time a little bit is that it soon goes back to the old habit. It's just a few snoozes away and the motivation is instantly lost.

What I have found to work for most people is this third approach for how to wake up earlier. I call it the "BIG EXCELLENCE" approach.

3. Success Approach:
The "BIG Excellence" Approach

By combining the two major points I have made above, we arrive at the following conclusion. You should dare to strive for excellence. Aim for 5, or even 4, in the morning. Then make this change reality by doing one single big shift.

This is the most successful way for how to wake up earlier.

You can actually go from 8.00 to 4.00 in one single day. It's all about your mindset and approach for how to make it happen.

The reason why this works so well is that you incorporate two major factors:

  • Your Motivation - Isn't it true that striving for a real major impact on your life excites you more than just having half an hour extra in the morning? Make sure you are inspired to change, and the best way for that is to go for something big.
  • Your Body's Automatic Adjustment - As I touched upon briefly above, your body is actually able to adjust its sleeping pattern based on your will. The only thing you need to do is to be very disciplined and consistent. You need to leave that bed at the exact time every morning for it to work. If you do so, you will automatically know when it's time to go to bed in the evening. You simply go to bed when you are tired. If you sleep too short, then your body will want to go to bed earlier the next day. If you sleep too long, then your body will want to stay up longer the next day. It's all self-adjusting.

So feel free to try this right now starting tomorrow. Decide for a big change and then have the discipline and resolution to establish your new life-changing habit. It will be worth it, trust me.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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