Cannot Fall Asleep?
How To Find Out Why

So you cannot fall asleep? Lying there being unable to reach the land of dreams can be extremely frustrating. So today we're gonna figure out why.

I believe it's important that you find out the reason why before you start looking into any treatments and tips. So that what I plan to help you with right here.

The reason can come from a wide variety of sources - anything from your mind being too active to external factors such as a bad sleeping environment.

I have explored all of them for you right here so let's start. I'll take it from the outside-in and as soon as you discover a potential reason, then stop and think about carefully - you might have found the cause!


The long-lasting effects from coffee can very well be the core reason why you cannot fall asleep.

Actually, it's generally recommended to not drink coffee after around 1500 mid-day. That should give enough time for your caffeine levels to come down again. You can find out even more about the connection between caffeine and sleep at my incredibly knowledgeable friend Joshua's site City of Sleep.


Nicotine stimulates your brain causing similar affects as when it comes to drinking coffee.

Especially if you smoke late, you can expect to wake up often during the night. It might not be enough to make you conscious, but it will sure be enough to leave you unrested the next morning.

Late Exercise

As you work out, your body will release endorphins causing you feel happy and alert. Afterwards, it will take a while to get back to normal again so don't do you routine too late.

Myself, I prefer a morning exercise to get the ultimate benefits.

Watching TV

You might find it relaxing, but watching TV actually increases your brain activity. This will surely cause you to have a harder time falling asleep so be careful with watching TV too late.

Especially if you have a TV in your bedroom, please refrain from keeping it going when you're trying to sleep.

Sitting By The Computer

Same goes here as above. Actually watching any screen will keep your mind highly active. The fact is that modern screens have an update frequency tuned such as to get your attention.

Working Late

If you're under a lot of pressure, you might be forced to work late sometimes.

But try getting your sleep first, wake up early and start working in the morning instead. That way you'll remove what might be the barrier to why you cannot fall asleep.

Unsettled Mind

When you're lying there in bed, is your mind going through all the activities of the day? Can you feel how your brain gets overwhelmed by shifting focus in between all the impressions and events?

If so, you're way too active to sleep at this stage. What you want to do is to try to settle your mind and focus on one thing - sleeping.

So how to do that?

The best way is to do some meditative exercise a while before. It doesn’t have to be to sit still in the lotus position as you might picture. No, instead you can't do various breathing exercises instead. Here's one of my favorites:

Breathe in for 4 seconds,

hold your breath for 16 seconds and

finally exhale for 8 seconds.

Do it all through your nose and repeat at least 10 times. During this, keep your focus on your nose to really feel the sensation as the air passes the tip of your nose. Whatever other thoughts come to mind let them pass away and stay focused.

This is just a small introduction exercise to the world of calmness, focus and awareness. But it will help immediately! =)

If you've been able to find the cause why you cannot fall asleep through this list, then your next step is clear - to actually do something about it. Then the following is a...

Perhaps you're still not sure what the cause of your sleeping problem is, but at least you might have some clues by now. I just hope that all the resources on this site will be enough to improve your situation.

So please let me know how it goes and what works in the comment field below. Sleep well everyone!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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