Early Riser Interview
with Alex Blackwell from TheBridgeMaker.com

Today I want to share another great early riser interview with all of you! I have been talking to the truly inspiring Alex Blackwell, author of TheBridgeMaker.com.

Early Riser Alex Blackwell TheBridgeMaker.com

"For me, it’s my secret weapon. Being an early riser gives me the chance to get ahead of my day before my day gets ahead of me."

Alex, can you start by telling me about your normal morning routine?

Monday through Friday I wake a few minutes before 5 a.m. After a quick cup of coffee and a banana, I get started with my morning workout.

On Saturday and Sunday, I sleep to around 6:30 and then begin my day at a more leisurely pace. I use my early-morning weekend time to write, think and sometimes just sit and listen.

So how come you are an early riser?

For me, it’s my secret weapon. Being an early riser gives me the chance to get ahead of my day before my day gets ahead of me.

Tell me, what do you see as the main benefits of being an early riser?

The biggest benefit for me is time management. Having extra time in the morning allows me to plan my day with a clear mind and refreshed body.

The other benefit of rising early is it gives me the opportunity to have some time for myself. Like most, my days are jammed packed. Carving out some time in the morning before the busyness begins is like a gift.

In the interest of balance, do you see any negative sides from rising early?

Sometimes I do feel tired – especially if I don’t get to bed by 10 p.m. the night before.

How did you develop this habit of waking up early?

It started back in college. I had a partial scholarship, so I had to work an almost full-time job to make ends meet. I worked 32 hours per week while having to maintain a high grade point average to stay qualified for my scholarship.

This meant I had to get up early to either study or go to work. The habit I developed in college has stayed with since.

How do you manage to keep your energy level high throughout the entire day?

I don’t nap, but I do watch my diet. Small, frequent, high-protein meals throughout the day work best for my metabolism and ability to keep being an early riser.

Finally, what impact would you say early rising has had on your life in general?

It keeps my focused and it keeps me humble. Rising early is a reminder that I’m empowered to make the choices that are good for my life.

The early-morning quiet is also calming. It feels like peace wrapped in a warm blanket – there’s no better way to start the day than with this comforting start.

About Alex Blackwell

Website: TheBridgeMaker.com - Simple Paths to Positive Change

Alex Blackwell is the very inspiring author of TheBridgeMaker.com. His aim to connect and aid people through inspiration, motivation and easy tools for personal development has made his blog one of the most popular resources in the field. 

This is how Alex himself describes his website:

"The BridgeMaker connects people who are looking to find faith, share inspiration and celebrate personal change."

I just want to say thank you Alex for sharing your thoughts in this early riser interview! You have provided us with some great insights of just how powerful it is to be an early riser.

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