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with Courtney Carver from BeMoreWithLess.com

Today I want to share another great early riser interview with all of you! I have been talking to the thoughtful and fantastic writer Courtney Carver, author of BeMoreWithLess.com.

Early Riser Courtney Carver BeMoreWithLess.com

"I think our morning routines become a way to get out the door instead of getting into a great day and I wanted to change that in my own life."

Courtney, can you start by telling me about your normal morning routine?

I wake up at 6:00 (sometimes a little earlier or a little later), I grab a glass of water, turn on some gentle music and meditate for 15 minutes. Then I move through 15 minutes of Yoga and journal any thoughts that are running around in my brain. Then I make breakfast for my daughter before she goes to school. In the spring and summer months, I add an outdoor walk and more writing to my routine. 

So how come you are an early riser?

I usually think of the 4 or 5 am people as early risers. I wake up when I do so I have time to start to my day with intention. I think our morning routines become a way to get out the door instead of getting into a great day and I wanted to change that in my own life. 

Tell me, what do you see as the main benefits of being an early riser?

I am really creative early in the morning, and some of my best ideas happen on the yoga mat during my morning routine. I want to be awake and available for that inspiration.

I also really appreciate having the time to spend with my daughter before she leaves for the day. It's often the only time we have together during a school day so it's great to have the time and attention to check in and connect.

In the interest of balance, do you see any negative sides from rising early?

I think if waking early made someone feel more tired throughout the day, that would be a negative, but that hasn't been my experience. 

How did you develop this habit of waking up early?

I've always gotten up relatively early as an adult, but in the past few years, I started practicing a specific morning routine and had to wake up earlier for that. Like any change that I want to last, I did it slowly. Instead of trying to wake up 30 minutes earlier, I woke up 5 minutes earlier and then a little bit earlier each week. Now, my body is naturally awake earlier. If I try to "sleep in" I can sometimes make it until 7.

How do you manage to keep your energy level high throughout the entire day?

I am really aware of my energy levels. I have Multiple Sclerosis and without that attention, I could burn myself out really easily. I usually eat really well and I go to bed early to be sure I have at least 8 hours of sleep.

If I am tired or feeling run down, I will take a nap or relax. I don't feel pressured to schedule every minute of the day so I have time to take a walk, or take a yoga class during the day. 

Finally, what impact would you say early rising has had on your life in general?

I have more energy when I wake up earlier and it's easier to take things slowly and to make time for something like a morning routine. Some may think that taking 30-60 minutes to do healthy things for yourself before you start helping everyone else is indulgent, but I'd suggest that it is absolutely necessary. You can give more fully throughout the day when you are healthy, happy and moving forward with intention and clarity.

Be open to slow change. Losing 20 pounds in 30 days is more exciting than 10 pounds in a year, but you know which change will generally be sustainable. The same goes for waking up earlier or any other new habit you want to incorporate. Focus more on the practice and less on the final result. 

About Courtney Carver

Website: BeMoreWithLess.com - Life on Purpose

Courtney Carver the author of the great site BeMoreWithLess.com where she gives amazing insights into how to live life on purpose. She is also a writer and photographer and love yoga, hiking and skiing among much else :-)

This is how Courtney herself describes her website:

"Be more with less is about simplifying your life and really living. Here, you can learn how to create a life with more savings and no debt, more health and less stress, more time and less stuff, and more joy with less obligation."

I just want to say thank you Courtney for sharing your thoughts in this early riser interview! You have provided us with a great story about how you were able to become an early riser and the positive impacts it has had on your life.

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