Early Riser Interview
with Srinivas Rao from TheSkoolOfLife.com

Today I want to share another great early riser interview with all of you! I have been talking to the incredibly street smart and widely successful blogger Srinivas Rao, author of TheSkoolOfLife.com.

Early Riser Srinivas Rao TheSkoolOfLife.com

"I've found that my best work is done early in the morning. I'm more creative in terms of my writing. It's just really peaceful when the rest of the world hasn't woken up yet."

Srinivas, can you start by telling me about your normal morning routine?

It depends on surf conditions. If the surf is good  I'll be out there door as early as 5am. That's usually because surf conditions are generally better in the morning.

Assuming that I'm not surfing, my morning routine consists of coffee, music, and writing.  I'll try to watch a clip of The Daily Show because I think starting the day with a laugh sets the tone for the rest of it. 

So how come you are an early riser?

I've found that my best work is done early in the morning. I'm more creative in terms of my writing. It's just really peaceful when the rest of the world hasn't woken up yet.

The mind chatter is also at a minimum early in the morning. So that leads to some of my best writing. 

Tell me, what do you see as the main benefits of being an early riser?

I'm usually done with some of the most important things I need to do by 10am.

But let's say you're working a day job and you want to work on a side hustle. The best time is probably early morning. It's easy to say you'll do it when you get home from work, but by then you're usually fried and keep putting it off.

In addition to that it causes you to develop a bunch of other good habits. I don't drink as much as I used to because I want to be up early in the morning.  I find that your overall productivity increases dramatically because of it. 

In the interest of balance, do you see any negative sides from rising early?

I can't say I really do. I guess sometimes its hard to stay up really late when everybody else wants to keep a party going. In that case, drink a 5-hour energy. 

How did you develop this habit of waking up early?

It's been part of my routine since I was a kid. My parents didn't let us sleep in because they thought the whole day was wasted if we slept until noon. But once I started surfing, it became second nature.

I don't even need an alarm clock anymore. I think having a reason to get up in the morning makes it really easy. 

How do you manage to keep your energy level high throughout the entire day?

Exercise is the most critical part. As much as I've tried to fight taking naps, I've realized that's a really good thing. It should be encouraged more.

I also try take breaks from the computer. It's not something I'm great at yet. But I'm working on it. Ironically I'm most productive when the waves are really good and I'm not in front of the computer too much. 

Finally, what impact would you say early rising has had on your life in general?

It's enabled me to be quite prolific. Lots of people ask me "when do you sleep" and I just reply "at night."  I'm being sarcastic. But when you're an early riser things get done.

I think the other thing is that you just feel good when you get up early. If you feel good it impacts every other area of your life.

Life doesn't really come with an instruction manual. I'm far from perfect. I have my problems. I can't tell you how to live your life just what I've learned from mine. 

About Srinivas Rao

Website: TheSkoolOfLife.com - The Most Important Things You Never Learned In School

Srinivas Rao is the fantastic creator of TheSkoolOfLife.com. He also works at BlogcastFM where he helps entrepreneurs and business owners to use blogging to achieve their business goals.

After two degrees, 10 years of work experience,  and a series of failed relationships he had never felt more unprepared for life - so he decided to start...

"an incredible journey of riding waves, building a media empire, and sharing my ideas with the world. I became a student of The Skool of Life."

I just want to say thank you Srinivas for sharing your thoughts in this early riser interview! You have provided us with some great tips and strong reasons to wake up early in the mornings.

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