10 Best Sleep Blogs Of 2013

I have been reading up and learning incredibly much from different sleep blogs during the first months of 2013.

They have been about everything from dealing with insomnia to understanding our sleep cycles to how to fall asleep fast. And based on all of this research I though I would now put together a "Top 10 Sleep Help Blogs 2013"-list.

That way, all of you would be able enjoy these sites as well !

How The Top 10 Sleep Help Blogs Are Ranked

All of these websites are simply awesome, otherwise they wouldn't be on this list. They are personal, practical and all written by highly knowledgeable people.

Let me go through some of the criteria I used in order to even be able to get on this list. Each blog must...

  • ...have their own domain
  • ...be updated frequently and recently
  • ...have a contactable person responsible for the site
  • ...be focused on sleeping well or overcoming sleep problems, for adults
  • ...be presented like an information blog and not only with the purpose of selling products

In total, I have looked into more than 35 blogs fitting these requirements, but only the top 10 have made it onto this list.

Now let's go into how they're actually ranked. It's pretty straightforward - it's all according to traffic. The more visitors, the more people helped, hence the higher the rank.

So firstly, there is the Alexa rank of each sleep blog. For those of you not familiar with this, the rank is based on the number of visitors to the site. A rank of 100,000 means that the site is be the 100,000'th most visited site in all of the internet. Since this is the most objective measurement available today I have chosen this as the primary ranking variable. The numbers are from March 2013.

Then to the right of that, I've also listed the Google Page Rank. This is a tool by Google to indicate the relative importance of the website. The score goes from 0 to 10 and is basically determined by the number of quality backlinks to the site. However, this info is only presented as a reference and not actually used for ranking the sleep blogs.

Now, let's take a look at the list !

The Winners

For you that find your sleep blog on the Top 10 list, you are able to proudly present one of the below badges on your site.

This is actually the only objective list of sleep help blogs currently out there for the year of 2013. I have to say, I'm honored to have been able to read your blogs and I'm so glad to put you on this Top 10 list. You provide fantastic information, knowledge, and inspiration that helps all of us improve our sleep. Thank you.

Please choose one of the suitable badges below and simple paste the code for it on your site to display your Top 10 position. Great job! (you may need to replace the inverted commas – “” on your own site for the image to work)

Top 10 Sleep Help Blog 2013 - 1

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Top 10 Sleep Help Blog 2013 - 2

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Top 10 Sleep Help Blog 2013 - 3

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Top 10 Sleep Help Blog 2013 - 4

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Top 10 Sleep Help Blog 2013 - 5

<a href=”http://www.early-riser.com/10-best-sleep-blogs-of-2013.html″><img src=”http://www.early-riser.com/images/early-riser-top10-sleep-blogs-5.png”></a>

Top 10 Sleep Help Blogs 2013

# Website URL Owners' Name Alexa Rank Page Rank
1 Sleep Disorders Gone sleep-disorders-gone.com Donene Lashbrook 776,528 1
2 The Ultimate Sleep Blog sleep.com/blog Ashley Morris 922,750 2
3 Better Sleep Better Life better-sleep-better-life.com Jules Sowder 1,078,914 4
4 Relax and Sleep relax-and-sleep.com Dennis Gourley 1,221,552 2
5 Sleep Passport sleeppassport.com Rich Silver 1,287,358 3
6 Sleep Education sleepeducation.com Patrick Murray 1,309,435 6
7 The Insomnia Blog theinsomniablog.com Dr. Michael Breus 1,793,309 4
8 Sleeping with a Sleeping Disorder sleeping-with-a-sleeping-disorder.com Chukwuemeka Madusha 2,201,828 4
9 Sleep Apnea Guide sleep-apnea-guide.com Remy Thierry 2,472,703 3
10 Insomnia Land insomnialand.com/blog Martin Reed 2,554,641 3

Can you think of any other blog that you think should be listed among the top 10 sleep help blogs? Let me know below!

I would also love to hear your thought and comments in the field below!

  • Which one is your favorite sleep help blog?
  • Which one has provided you with great value?
  • What lessons have you learned from these sources?

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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