Create A Reputation
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Create A Reputation

If you really really want to become an early riser instantly but are struggling, then start at the end instead. Why not?

What you wanna do here is to create a reputation that you're an early riser. And that's even before you've succeeded in the first place.

So we're not simply telling people what we want to be doing, but instead telling people that we're already doing it. That way this method becomes even more powerful than to just make a promise to your friend.

All of us have an ability to automatically want to live up to our own reputation. If you've been presented to someone as a super nice fella who loves to get to know other people, then it's not so easy to just throw that away. Instead most of us like a positive label that's been put on us and will work really hard to make it come true.

So instead of acting first and then getting the reputation. Try setting the reputation first and then live up to it!

But before you go out to spread the word, let me just give you some pointers. I have actually used this method for many different things that I've wanted to accomplish. I've said things like...

  • "Of course I know how to juggle, no problem."
  • "Running 10km under 40 min? I'll do it tomorrow if you want!"
  • "Dancing salsa? Sure, I know all the moves..."

Luckily, I have learnt all those things and my bluffs have paid off :-) I mean, there was no way I could let myself down by not learning these things after creating such reputations.

My top 3 tops for how to actually do it is would be:

  • Start big. Have the guts to say that it's working perfectly and that you are so glad that you started :-)
  • Teach. Guide others on how to do it since you're the master from now on. From teaching you will learn many valuable lessons.
  • Have fun. Do it all without taking it too serious. It doesn't matter if you still can't and the pressure is just artificial so use it for motivation and energy.

So start with the end and go out to create your very own reputation of being a happy early riser. The results will come. Promise.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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