Early Morning Work
How To Get In The Right Mindset

Early Morning Work

Let me tell you about my insights about early morning work from a totally different world...

I'm currently traveling around mainland China and the things I see are incredibly interesting! One small such thing is a simple marketplace on an ordinary Tuesday morning.

It's winter. It's lively, hectic, people shouting, cars honking and chickens screaming. The mist is closer than ever as the time closes in on 0600 when I arrive.

People do their stuff - push their carts, cook their food and bargain about their goods - without complaining and with a remarkable level of energy!

In essence, it's damn crowded and people are working hard! It doesn't seem like anyone has the slightest problem to wake up early over here...

So it all got me thinking how come it is like this. It seems that these people don't even have the option of not being early risers. There's no chance they would ever be late or tired at work. Why?

Their entire earnings and life depends on being up to do business.

So we out here in the west can of course use this mindset by using the exact same principles as they do in the east. If you have an early morning shift or start working when the sun rises, then read through these principles.

The Early Morning Work Mindset

So in order to get here, I have tried to break down the reasons behind the simple early rising of the people from the Chinese marketplace. Here goes:

  • Major win - There's a huge benefit of being up - business will be better and money will be made!
  • Major loss - Equally, there's a huge loss if you're not up - no business, no money, and in the end, no food for your family!
  • Urgency - There's no other real alternative to being up early - it's simply not possible to "do it tomorrow instead". It must be today AND tomorrow AND the day after that...

So now it's time to do your own reality check ;-) here's how:

Ask yourself the following questions and try to really feel the answer:

  • Is there a huge motivating benefit I will get by consistently rising early? (e.g. money, a better fortune, great fun, etc.)
  • If I don't start to rise up early within the next 12 months, what will exactly happen? (e.g. less money, missed career opportunities, lost friends, etc.)
  • Unless I start to wake up early tomorrow, what affects will I see? (e.g. missed income, postponed better living, etc.)

If you can pass this test, I believe you feel determined and motivated enough to get up for your early morning work! With passing I mean that you're able to clearly see the consequences of your actions.

If you don't pass, then try to build your motivation as well increase the mental impact of being/not being up early in the morning. I mean, I bet that it's already important that you're up, but the key is to get your mind to really see the impact it has on your life. Once you see that, do the reality check again.

Actually, you can use this mindset to wake up early for other things besides work. So if you have another activity you'd like to do in the morning, perhaps exercising, working on your own business or learning a new fun skill, then look for these three mentioned cornerstones - major win, major loss, and urgency.

Now I wish you the absolute best with your early mornings.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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