Get Out Of Bed
Stop Snoozing Now With These 4 Steps

Get Out Of Bed

Snoozing in the morning, are you? Well then, let's discuss how to get out of bed - and never go back!

It's a very common problem to try to catch a few more minutes snoozing in bed in the morning. But as you know, it never gives you any more energy, am I right?

You just end up getting out of bed anyway after a while. So today, we're gonna try to stop this nonsense with a couple of logical and straightforward methods. 

First things first. You gotta put the alarm clock far away from your bed. This is a critical move since it will ensure that your body is out of your bed, even just for a short while.

Now, what usually happens is that we crawl right back in there. Well, to overcome this little hurdle, here are the 4 simple steps that I recommend you to do:

How To Get Out Of Bed - And Stay Out


As you get out, drag the entire bed cover with you. Yes, you heard me :-) This will make your bed much less appealing to get back into.


Go put on your clothes which you have laid out the evening before at a safe distance from your bed. If possible, even outside your room. The reason why it's important that your clothes are laid out beforehand is that you want to avoid all form of hard thinking such as "what should I where?" or "where are my clothes?". You want to make it easy for your mind to stay up, remember. And have a chair placed nearby which you sit on when changing as to avoid using your bed.

If you get up without changing, then just skip what I just said ;-) and instead choose a similar small activity to be the absolute first thing to do once you're up. It could be to turn on some music, feed the cat or just to go to the toilet.


If you haven't already, leave the bedroom as fast as possible to avoid any thinking that reminds you of sleeping.


You're still in the risk zone so do your best to get energized instantly, e.g. by

  • Opening your curtains to catch some sunshine.
  • Drinking a big cup of water
  • Eating a fruit or drinking yoghurt

Now you're up, out of the bed and energized!

With these simple 4 steps, you should be able to avoid going back to bed. If you follow this short routine enough times, then you won't even have to think anymore as you wake up in the morning. Soon it will all happen automatically.

That means one less problem, and you can focus on what's most important in your life!

I know it all sounds a bit too simple, but it's all about being meticulous (do it exactly as you've planned) and consistent (do it every day). If you fulfill these two requirements, then you'll find this entire process incredibly helpful and you'll be able to get out of bed incredibly easy.

Good luck and I believe you will have some great mornings to look forward to! :-)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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