Insomnia Quotes
Fall Asleep Quickly With These 20 Sayings

I have put together this top 20 list of insomnia quotes in hope that it will help and inspire anyone suffering from sleep problems.

Insomnia or sleep deprivation is no joke, but only through focusing on the solution, and not the problem, will we be able to improve our situation.

Some of the quotes are taken from a humorous perspective, but that doesn't mean it's all just a joke. Just take them as inspiration, you know what I mean :-)

So here are my current top 20 list.

Insomnia Quotes 1 - 10

Quote – 1

"The best cure for insomnia is a Monday morning."

– Unknown Author

Quote – 2

"A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow."

– Charlotte Bronte

Quote – 3

"Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it's time to get up."

– Unknown Author

Quote – 4

"The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world."

– Leonard Cohen

Quote – 5

"I only sleep with people I love, which is why I have insomnia."

– Emilie Autumn

Quote – 6

"Insomnia is a gross feeder. It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking."

– Clifton Fadiman

Quote – 7

"Insomnia is my greatest inspiration."

– Jon Stewart

Quote – 8

"Insomnia: A contagious disease often transmitted from babies to parents."

– Shannon Fife

Quote – 9

"Insomnia is an indication, not a chaos. Its like ache. Youre not going to provide a patient ache medicine without figuring out whats reasoning the pain."

– Judith Owens

Quote – 10

"Not being able to sleep is terrible. You have the misery of having partied all night… Without the satisfaction."

– Lynn Johnston

Insomnia Quotes 11 - 20

Quote – 11

"I take politics only medicinally, as a cure of occasional attacks of insomnia."

– Kenneth Hare

Quote – 12

"Last night I dreamed I had insomnia. I woke up exhausted, yet too well rested to go back to sleep."

– Bob Ingman

Quote – 13

"In its early stages, insomnia is almost an oasis in which those who have to think or suffer darkly take refuge."

– Colette

Quote – 14

"His insomnia was so bad, he couldn't sleep during office hours."

– Arthur Baer

Quote – 15

"If a man had as many ideas during the day as he does when he has insomnia, he'd make a fortune."

– Griff Niblack

Quote – 16

"I've always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed."

– David Benioff

Quote – 17

"Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a good many different ailments, but I have never heard of one who suffered from insomnia."

– Joseph Wood Krutch

Quote – 18

"A little insomnia is not without its value in making us appreciate sleep, in throwing a ray of light upon that darkness."

– Marcel Proust

Quote – 19

"So you have insomnia? Well, just don't lose any sleep over it."

– Unknown Author

Quote – 20

"The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep."

– W. C. Fields

And here is a quote from one of my absolute favorite movies of all time

Quote – 21

"When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep, and you're never really awake."

- Fight Club

Do you have a personal favorite?

I must say that I like the number 2, by Charlotte Bronte. In some way that quote is both beautifully expressed, but also very powerful and simple.

I hope these can help to inspire you to fight against insomnia.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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