Learn A New Skill
24 Tips For Mastery

Learn A New Skill

If you really want to learn a new skill and master it, then the best way is to really study the area and use some highly effective tips. The same of course applies to becoming an early riser and learning how to wake up.

The techniques are all universal and with knowledge comes success so make sure to study your topic intensely.

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day."

-Jim Rohn

Basically, the more you learn about the area that you want to master - the better your changes will be for success. And I must say it's a great start that you're reading this article right there!

The 24 Highly Effective Tips

1. Read books - Find the top 2-3 bestsellers on the topic.

2. Listen to audio books - Search for some audio books to make it easier to keep taking in new information even when you don't have the time to sit down to read.

3. Talk to friends - Discuss the topic with your friends and colleagues. Chances are you'll get some new insights and you'll also improve your own learning by having to explain what you now know.

4. Read online - There is most likely a bunch of articles out there that can give you new perspectives on the matter. Also check out the comments following.

5. Read blogs - There might even be full-blown websites dedicated to the topic in mind. Read it all! :-)

6. Join forums - Most areas can be discussed in more or less niched online forums. Browse through the topics and ask your own questions on what you don't understand.

7. Subscribe to newsletters - Follow the latest information about the topic by subscribing to newsletters on a few selected websites you respect.

8. Go to seminars - There might be some live events you can attend to learn more. Or at least about related or wider topics that can be of interest and help to you.

9. Get a mentor - Ask someone that has already accomplished what you want to do or know what you want to learn. What was their situation before? How did they start? What worked best? What didn't work?

10. Train online - Perhaps there are online courses you can attend to learn more. If so, the structure and through that has gone into the creation of commercial courses might well be worth the potential cost.

11. Get a friend to join you - Learning and working together with a close friend can be a super powerful way to get motivated and improve. You will be able to feed energy off each other and spur on the success.

12. Join a club - Look around for any local clubs in your community dedicated to mastering the topic you are interested in. The structure, energy and continuity of a club can really make you move forward consistently.

13. Practice every day - Take at least 15 minutes per day to learn more. That way you will ensure that you keep moving forward all the time and always have it fresh in your mind.

14. Review what you learn - Check back what you learnt yesterday, last week and even last month. "Repetition is the mother of all skill" so do it often if you want the knowledge to be long-term.

15. Use your senses - Try to learn a new skill by using as many senses as you can, e.g. by reading, listening to material, talking to friends, seeing how it feels, etc.

16. Learn actively - Take an active role in your learning by trying everything, doing exercises and challenging new information.

17. Learn in chunks - Take it step by step and try to build the puzzle piece by piece as you go along. Even if you don't know what will come out at the end, keep going in chunks.

18. Get in state - Put your learning hat on and get positive and ready to improve the capability of your mind and body.

19. Learn in different ways - Learn a new skill using quizzes, reading material, chatting with people, solving problems, reaching your own conclusions, etc.

20. Teach what you learn - Try to explain what you have learned to a friend and you will immediately see where you don't make sense or what you don't fully understand.

21. Link new learning to what you already know - As soon as you take in a new chunk of information, try to fit it into your overall knowledge puzzle of the topic. Does it make sense together with everything else you already know?

22. Practice in real life - You will never be able to master anything by just studying without putting it into practice. So don't just assume everything you learn is correct or works in your situation. Put it to the test and you will learn a new skill much faster!

23. Reach your own conclusions - Take some time to just think through what your new learning really mean and how it fits into what you already know or how it will affect your life. Then draw your own conclusions what the information really can be used for.

24. Improve the way you learn - Keep improving how you take in new information and don't be afraid of trying a new method. This will ensure you will learn new skills or information even faster in the future.

With this myriad of tips and tricks right here I hope you will take the challenge to become an early riser =)

At first sight, you might find some of these bullet points to be hard to apply to learning how to wake up. But trust me, with a little bit of creativity you might be able to turn them into your benefit.

Actually, whatever it is that you want to learn, these methods will help you on your way to learn a new skill and to master it!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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