Morning Activities
5 Unique Ways To Spend Your Morning

Morning Activities

We all have different morning activities. The unfortunate thing though is that they usually just consist of some of the following - shower, breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, reading newspaper, etc. But actually, the morning creates a unique opportunity to engage in some very special activities.

There are some experiences, some insights, and some fantastic moments that you only have the chance to get during the early morning time. So to inspire you a little bit, I here present a list of 5 unique morning activities that I have realized only to be possible during the morning time. Or at least greatly improved if you do them in the early morning. Here goes...

1. Watch The Sunrise

The first one is obvious. There's no way you'll get a change to enjoy the sunrise unless you're an early riser. And personally I don't really think it's enough to just open the curtains, look a bit outside and then head back for another hour of sleep. No.

Yes, sure, watching the sunset is great too. But it's not the same. The sunset is the beginning of something new and fresh - a new day with new possibilities.

To get the full experience, and that's what we want, it's important to get it right. I suggest leaving the house/apartment to really get a fresh view. So just set your alarm 20-minutes before the time you estimate to sun to start rising. Then wake up (no snoozing...), make a few sandwiches and head off to your place. Ideally you have found a quiet place where you're able to see the entire rising clearly.

Now just sit there with your sandwich (and a friend, if possible) and enjoy the peace, the beauty and the harmony of the moment. Just wonderful - and only in the morning =)

2. Go Jogging In Peace

In most places, it can be pretty hard to be able to go jogging yourself without a bunch of obstacles or disturbances. Especially if you live in the city center, then it can be a real quality difference to go running early in the morning instead of mid-day or late in the evening.

The space in the streets or the calm feeling in the jogging track is indescribable.

3. Walk Around Naked

We all like it, but we seldom do it. Am I right?

Unless you live somewhere without any visibility in to your house/apartment, then the morning is the only time you can actually walk around naked in your own home. Now, isn't that strange? With all the freedom we have, it's still hard to find the time or place to be able to walk freely...

But in the morning you're safe. The earlier you're up, the safer you are that no one from the outside will spot you!

4. Prepare A Surprise

If you live together with the person you want to surprise (which is often the case), then being up early might be your only possibility to prepare something unique and surprising.

Obviously, breakfast in bed is a classic! But there are other options as well. You can e.g. prepare something more long-term, such as:

  • Make a photo book
  • Run a bath for your partner
  • Write a poem each morning
  • Etc. etc.

5. Get Stuff Done

The most important thing for all morning activities is that you will be able to get stuff done! Whatever you spend your time one - meditation, learning a new skill, studying, walking, exercising - you will for sure be very productive.

The thing is that there are almost no disturbances in the early morning. For example:

  • You won't get interrupted by friends calling.
  • You won't be tempted by a great TV show.
  • Your mind won't be cluttered with all the impressions and events of your day

All of these contribute to the fact that your brain will be able to focus to a much higher degree. You can learn a new skill or learn a language much easier by having a habit of spending some time on it each morning. Once you're up, there are no disturbances, hence no excuses.

So why not use these suggested morning activities as inspiration to get up early tomorrow? I know you want to try at least one of them :-) And if you have found any other really cool and unique ways to spend your morning, then just let me know - I would love to try.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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