Morning Jog
Get Motivated Now With These Top 3 Benefits

Morning Jog

I love going for a morning jog. But the thing is that I haven't felt like this all my life. Running in the morning used to be a distant vision that seemed too far away to bring into reality. But then something changed...

I could suddenly see clearly why this is really something I want. It all changed from being a vision into a real compelling activity backed up with strong motivating reasons.

It was about two years ago now. And below are the three reasons that changed me. They're probably not new in any way but the thing is that I started to really feel them and believe in them. That's what pushed me over the edge to create a new habit. Here they are:

1. Healthy

If you're at all familiar with the circadian rhythm, the body’s temperature rhythm, you will understand why it's better for you to exercise in the morning compared to the evening. I won't go into too much detail here just to bore you, but if you're doing your exercise in the evening, then the temperature increase following will have negative effects on your sleep.

On top of that, when you do it in the mornings instead, you will see positive affects on your energy level throughout the day.

2. Enjoyable

Let's face it, there are few things in life more relaxing and rewarding than the calmness of the early morning. To be out before everyone else, to be one step ahead of everyone else and to live life to a greater extent than everyone else is priceless. The silence mixed with the anticipation of a new day can make anyone excited.

The more often you can wake up early and go for a morning jog, the easier it will feel and it will soon be a breeze to get out. Then switch your focus from "making sure it happens" to "let's enjoy this fully". So even when you're able to make it a habit to wake up early in the morning, try to keep your curiosity and avoid thoughts such as "sunrise - seen it once, seen it all...".

3. Great Start

After a morning run you will feel instant gratification that you've actually already done something valuable on this new day. This spirit of success will follow you all through your day and you're all set up for more accomplishments. Isn't that awesome?

I know it myself, it's such a great feeling to have set the right tone early in the morning. Nowadays, if I ever miss my morning exercise, then I can feel the difference instantly on the level of energy, stress and happiness.

If these three reasons aren't enough to make you go running in the morning, then probably nothing will. So just give it a shot and see how you feel when you get started. Your next step is now to check out this:

Now after this, let me know how you feel about your morning jog. What gets you motivated? What hurdles do you have to overcome? Any more tips?

Keep enjoying the mornings!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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