Morning Meditation
The 7 Keys For Success

Morning Meditation

A routine involving morning meditation can be one of the most effective ways to keep your life in balance. I have practiced meditation myself many early mornings and must admit that it's the ideal time for spirituality. To develop your concentration and cultivate your awareness are incredible valuable skills that will benefit you throughout your day.

I will do my best here to clarify why it's so good for your body and mind as well as provide you with an arsenal of tips and techniques to really make your early morning meditation session fantastic :-)

The 7 Keys For Successful Morning Meditation

Each time you meditate you will learn something new about yourself. You will see what your limits are and you will obtain new insights. To make sure your meditation session is as rewarding as possible, I would like to guide you all the way through while giving you the keys for success. Here goes:

1. Eat Before

This is especially important in the morning. When our stomach is empty, most of us suffer from a decrease in our ability to concentrate our thoughts. Since that is one of the major parts of meditating, please have a small bite to eat before practicing. You can have your real breakfast afterwards though.

2. Use A Quiet Area

Disturbances and interruptions will affect your concentration negatively. Especially in the beginning when your skills are not so mature, try to seek out quietude and piece for best results.

3. Sit Comfortably

In contrast with what many believe meditation is not about sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Sit comfortably but try the recommended positions, such as the lotus, since they are designed to minimize body ache and optimize your ability to breathe correctly.

4. Breathe Deeply

One of the simplest and best ways to reach a calm state of mind is through focus on your own breathing. By really following each step of the process and e.g. counting as you breathe, you can both practice your focus and receive the healthy benefits of deep breathing.

5. Focus Intensily

To reach a relaxed state of mind, it's imperative that you develop your ability to focus your mind. As just mentioned, your breathe is a great and simple choice to start with. Try different exercises such as counting your breath or looking deeply into a rose.

6. Let Go Of Your Thoughts

Whatever thoughts that enters your mind, do not attach yourself to them. Just accept that they are there and observe them as watching from the outside. Then let them slowly fade away again. Keep practicing this approach and you will soon see how less and less thoughts comes up - A true sign that you're making great progress in your focus and awareness skills.

7. Practice For At Least 15 Minutes

I usually recommend that you start with at least 15 minutes of practice. Any shorter than this and you will not be able to get really deep into your meditation. Longer is totally fine, but start small to see where your current limit is. There's no fame in pushing yourself to sit still for a long time - Just sit for the time you feel you can manage.

Why Morning Meditation Is Fantastic

First of all I just want to say that meditating anytime during your day is a great choice. The benefits are many and widespread. The first that comes to mind is the peace of mind you will develop through just sitting. Everything will settle down in your mind just like a cup of water that finally gets to be still. After a while, all the circles will vanish and left is only pure calm and stillness.

At first, you might experience what is known as "monkey mind". This is the state when your mind has a very hard time to concentrate on just sitting down. Instead, it wanders away to all your have-to's and must's, not even mentioning all the events of the day that's running through your mind.

This is the first reason why morning meditation is so powerful. You won't have experienced all the information, events, discussions and advertising that hit your mind on a normal day. This gives you a unique opportunity to practice without too much noise messing with your head.

The second reason why morning meditation is to recommend is that you are much more likely to find the time and much less likely to postpone. If you make meditation plans for your evening there's always the risk of something coming up - late work, dinner with friends or any other activity. So to have the chance to meditate daily I seriously recommend that you make it a morning routine.

The long-term benefits of keeping up meditation that I experienced were that feelings of stress would rarely appear anymore. And my so called core confidence raised enormously since I truly got to know myself. In essence, I felt more complete and powerful in myself.

I have also noticed many small things that's improved in my mind. The vital skills of true awareness and deep thought have lifted the quality of my life. As described by the inspiring artist and writer Sally Huss, it's even possible to appreciate love through a cookie when you are able to develop your understanding and love of life itself :-)

With the 7 keys for successful morning meditation listed above you are all set to put your plans into practice. Whether you are completely new to meditation or just planning to do it in the mornings, I hope you have received some useful tips here. Please let me know how you progress and what you find especially important for a rewarding meditation session.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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