Morning Sex
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Morning Sex

Starting your days with something absolutely fantastic - early morning sex - is a million times better than a couple of rounds of snoozing which might be the usual. But in order to make it as good as it possibly can, let's look at some very powerful tips for how to really make it awesome.

I mean, if your partner isn't as excited as you in the morning, then you surely need some powerful tricks :-)

But first, we need to clarify the "why". Why is it so good with sex in the morning? As a matter of fact, there is a whole range of benefits; here are 6 of them:

Top 6 Benefits of Morning Sex

You'll Be Relaxed

That familiar feeling of relaxation afterwards can be fantastic. It feels like we're on the top of the world and all worries are gone. This makes sure you start your day in a calm and low stress manner.

You'll Be Happier

Morning sex causes your body to release the chemical oxytocin which will make you feel damn good but also brings out loving feelings towards your partner. These will stick around pretty much all day, so in essence it provides a clear boost for your relationship.

You'll Be Healthier

Sex actually strengthens your immune system by producing more of the infection antibody IgA. And the great thing about morning sex is that you'll have a little bit extra protection throughout the upcoming day. Your skin and hair will also get improved tone and texture from an increased level of estrogen.

You'll Accomplish

It might sound a bit strange, but a small feeling of accomplishment is quite usual after having sex, especially for guys. This feeling of having "done" something already and "conquered" your woman will be carried with you and set the tone for even more accomplishment during the upcoming day.

You'll Get Exercise

We all know it, really long and good sex is an ideal replacement for an exercise session. Just don't make it too quick, then you probably have to exercise as well ;-)

Your Mind Is Clear

Most people are much more likely to become easily excited in the morning. The reason: since your mind hasn't been bombarded with impulses from the world around you yet, you are usually in a Zen-like state when you wake up. That feeling of calm and low stress is ideal for sexual excitement.

These benefits are sure worth striving for, right? But as we know when it comes to sex - it's always a bit more complicated than it seems. So let's look into some small things to think about in order to really make it as good as possible!

My Top 6 Tips For Great Morning Sex

1. Get Ready

You want to make sure nothing will come in the way or interrupt your morning sex, so get prepared:

  • Make sure your brush your teeth the night before, or it might be over before it even started.
  • If you're hungry, just like me, when you wake up in the morning, then try to sneak out for a quick snack just so put your body to rest - a banana or a sandwich should be enough.
  • If you have to visit the bathroom first... same here, just sneak out quickly.
  • If you use protection, remember to place those condoms within arm reach so you don't have to get up and start looking for those in the middle of everything - that's a real spoiler!

2. Be Creative

Be creative and wake each other up in different exciting ways to make sure you don't get into a boring routine. You can either start stroking your hand up h... or you can perhaps turn on some smooth music to get into the mood.

Note that guys are pretty much genetically configured for early morning sex; his testosterone levels accumulate during sleep and peak from the time he wakes up to a few hours afterwards. It's called morning wood...

For women, it's a little but different and they usually need some time to get in the right mood. Some foreplay is actually beneficial to both of you and will make your bodies even more prepared, excited and eager to get going!

3. Start Slow

Tying in to what I said about foreplay above, early morning sex is best when it's slooow. You don't want to push your bodies into over gear after a long nights sleep so at least start in slow-motion. I know the excitement might push you to really go for it, but slow sex has the benefits of usually being even more pleasurable as well as lasting longer.

4. Let The Light In

Visual arousment can be very powerful for both men and women so take the chance to open up your curtains and get some natural light in. And if you can feel the sun on your bodies as you proceed, then you're bound for some ultimate pleasure. The feeling freedom as we let our animal instincts loose is a real thrill for many of us.

5. Don't Cuddle

I know how it feels, it can be totally awesome to have the chance to just lie down together afterwards, cuddle a bit and drift off into the land of dreams. But NO, this is not allowed when it comes to sex in the morning! It's so tempting, but at the same time very easy to spoil a complete morning when you suddenly wake up 1-2 hours later. You want be up early to really take advantage of the non-stressful feelings just created, so as soon as the "act" is over, both of you get out of bed start making breakfast.

6. Shower

Shower afterwards - Remember to hit the shower before leaving for work. Why not get in there together and have your "cuddling" right there instead. It might just happen that you end going for another round...

But on the serious side, since sex is pretty much like exercise, you'd better shower.

Bonus: Keep Smiling

Try to do all you can to carry that feeling of happiness, accomplishment, relaxation, and health with you throughout your day. Keep your morning smile for whatever happens at least all the way to lunch time. Doing this will impact your entire life and people will really see the best side of you.

Now we know that morning sex has some clear benefits to bring us. And think of the things I just mentioned above to really make sure you turn it into something absolutely awesome. Don't let anything get in your way.

But perhaps you have one last thought - "What if I'm so damn tired in the morning that I'm just not interested in sex?"

This is a common pattern and there's really only one way to get around it. By forming a habit of waking up early, you will soon be able to wake up relaxed and without any need for an alarm clock anymore. Just follow the tips on this site and you will develop this habit quite soon.

Now live life, wake up early and have some fantastic early morning sex! :-)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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