Morning Workout
The Top 5 Benefits To Get You Started

Morning Workout

Having a morning workout can be the absolute best way to get in shape. It will give you the consistency and start of the day that will really move you forward.

There are actually some serious benefits over exercising later in the day. In the evening, there's always something coming in between the training sessions or we might not have enough energy after work. So many problems.

When you work out in the morning it's different. It really is. Believe me.

But it's so hard to get started, right?

Not true when it comes to the morning. Creating that successful habit is so much easier. So let's take a look at the strongest benefits to get you started!

Here are my very own top 5 that helped me get going.

1. You'll Never Procrastinate

As soon as I've had a morning workout routine, I've also been much more likely to actually perform according to plan. The thing is that when it comes to working out after work/school, there will always be a high risk that "something comes in between". It could be a dinner with friends, having to work late or that you're simply too tired after a stressful day.

That's why I always try to follow the rule in life to

"do what's most important first".

That means that if I really want to make sure that I exercise today, then I make sure I get it done in the morning. This rule applies to many more things in life than just training, but this is a great area to start with!

So in essence, you will be more likely to actually do your workout when you do it in the morning. Procrastination will become a distant memory...

2. You'll Have Freedom

Perhaps you won’t be free in the true meaning of the word, but you will surely have a much easier time to exercise =) At least in a couple of different situations:

  • The gym won't be overly crowded, so you can finally choose the machines and weights that fits you the best.
  • You won't have to run in a line through the jogging track and no more jumping left-right-left to pass people on the street when you're out running. 
  • In general, you can grow stronger or slimmer without other people having to see you working for it - isn't that nice!

3. You'll Be Set Up For Success

I find it incredibly rewarding to actually get something done first thing in the morning. Three things actually happen to me:

  • Much less pressure for the rest of the day. I know I have already done something good and can focus on the moment instead of having to think of the upcoming training tonight.
  • Gets me going to start a great day. It really gives me the energy I need to build upon this first accomplishment. As we know, success breeds success...
  • I get energized throughout the day as my metabolism is kick-started.

I also find it very important to celebrate your success so you make sure you get in the right spirit. Do whatever it takes to finish your workout on a positive note - eat something good, shout out of joy or just jump up and down =)

4. You'll Get Slim Automatically

Working out in the morning is especially good if your goal is to lose a bit of weight or trim that waist.

The thing is that your metabolism will really get going after an early workout. And the best part is that it will be kept going for a long long time! You might even reap the benefits during the entire day, up to 24 hours.

Did you hear that!? Burning calories all day without further exercise. Just like a magical pill. So I really hope you plan to take advantage of this fact :-) Use this golden opportunity to get great momentum.

5. You'll Sleep Fantastically

By getting into the habit of doing a morning workout, your ability to sleep well can actually be greatly improved. The reason is that when you exercise early you really get your metabolism going as I mentioned earlier.

This leads to that you'll really use up all of your energy during the day. Why? Because it makes you a more active person. Simple.

So automatically this ensures that you're damn tired once it's time for bed.

Basically, instead of walking around half-awake for 15 hours and semi-tired for another 9 hours while sleeping, you'll be the high-energy guy for 17 while dead-tired for 7.

Isn't that a life worth living!

How do you feel? Are you looking into starting your own morning workout habit yet?

Getting slim, sleeping great, easier to exercise, consistency and a fantastic start of the day - now that's hard to say no to.

But of course it means that you have to be able to wake up early as well. Well, no problem. I hope you can find all the tips you need on this site. That's what it's here for =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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