Power Nap
6 Great Benefits Of Starting Now

Power Nap

"Are power naps good or bad?"

It's such a common question so I really want to give you some clarity right here, right now. The bottom line is - Yes, they can be a very helpful tool for you if, and only if, you do them right. But before we'll go into how to do them, let's see what benefits you can get. Here's a list of the 6 most important ones.

1. So Incredible Nice =)

The most obvious one comes first - it can be so incredibly wonderful to have the chance to doze off for a while when you feel really sleepy. Many times when we go to bed in the evening, we don't feel that intense tiredness that can happen suddenly during the day. That warm fuzzy feeling that strikes you at around 2 in the afternoon, right... So reward yourself with a nap if you deserve one!

2. Reduce Stress

By taking a break from all the intense experiences of a normal day you can reduce your stress levels remarkably. Research has showed that stress levels can dip and you can wake up more focused and alert than before. Once you wake up, you get a fresh perspective on what you are doing and you can feel in control of your events again.

3. Perform Better

A power nap can be a very important tool for you if you want to make sure you use your entire day to produce results. Very often, we can end up in sleepy state late in the afternoon leading to poor performances at work or not being able to take in any more information at school. Fight this behavior by giving yourself a chance to do better.

The other benefit is that you won't be afraid of running out of energy, thereby being able to live with energy and passion throughout your day.

4. Get Creative

This is a truly fantastic benefit! Especially if you're struggling with a task or feel like you're just digging a hole, then a a short sleep might help. Stepping away from the problem will remove all those forced associations in your mind and leave room for new creations and new ideas. So with a fresh mind, let the creativity flow again and you might see things from a new perspective.

5. Catch Up On Sleep

If you didn't have the time to get enough sleep during the night, a really good power nap can be what saves your day. You might want to make a bit longer than usual through, perhaps up to an hour to really recover. That will at least give you enough energy to make it through the rest of the day without any problems.

6. Have Energy To Move

After a long day at work or in school, it's not that easy to find the energy to exercise your body. A quick sleep might provide you with both the energy and motivation to push you over the edge of doing it.

Both your brain and body have had the chance to get a fresh batch of energy, thereby making it possible for one last high-energy activity before hitting the sack for a nice and comfortable sleep.

I know you want to take one, but it's hard to find the time, right? And the right place might be even harder for you. But the benefits can be so strong so do your best to give it a try.

Now you're probably ready to read about my absolute best power nap tips as well. With all of that in your mind, you can start anytime! And once you find a way, let me know how it goes below in the comment field.

Even more in depth information about power naps can e.g. be found at the stress management site at about.com where they have an article about power napping for increased productivity. You'll also find a deeper explanation of power naps at the very helpful site relax-and-sleep.com.

Enjoy your power naps! :-)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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