Practice To Wake Up
Master Your Sleep During Daytime

Practice To Wake Up

This is a revolutionary idea for how to be able to wake up! At the same time, it totally makes sense and is incredibly straightforward.

The idea originally originates from a great blog post by personal development expert Steve Pavlina on how to get up right away when your alarm goes off. And this is how it plays out...

When you learn any new skill in your life, say...

  • Playing football
  • Playing an instrument
  • Doing math
  • Using Photoshop
  • Building a house
  • Etc. etc. always did it the same way, right? Think about it. It was through...

Practicing, step by step.

In daytime.

But somehow when it comes to waking up early, we just assume that we'll be able to do it all of a sudden. Without even learning.

I mean, it's great to get inspiration and tips through a website like this, but the problem is this:

When the alarm goes off in the morning, it's just so easy to get into the old habits of snoozing. You know, thoughts like these:

Rrrriiiiiiing, rrrrriiiiiiiing ! ! !

Aaah, crap, not again!

I'd better stretch my legs and get out of there so I can do all those things...

Hmm, seems my legs are not reacting though. Strange...

Perhaps I can do some task right here in bed instead? Yeah, that's great! Then I can stay here in the warm bed.

Ok, let's think...

Zzz, zzz, zzzzz

So what we want to do is to use the same methods as for all other skills. Let's practice how to wake up in the daytime! Here's how it goes...

How It Works?

So first, you want to get in the same situation as when you're actually sleeping. Get prepared the same way, use the same clothes and get it all dark and quiet.

Then try to sleep or at least pretend you're going to sleep. But only for around 5 minutes though. Because after 5 minutes you want your alarm to go off just as it does in the mornings. And here comes the key moment.

Turn of the alarm, stretch your legs, take a deep breath, get out of bed quickly, get dressed and walk to the bathroom.

That's it. You're done!

The main goal here is to avoid any negative or procrastinating thoughts from entering your mind. We don't want any of those to be taking away focus from the simple and straightforward task to just get out of bed.

So this was just the start when you practice to wake up. Now it's time to repeat the above process for at least 5 times the same day. And after that, I recommend that you do it for a minimum of 5 days. That way you will really get this initial morning routine to stick.

However, if this habit is not completely automatic after 5 days, then don't stop practicing. You should be able to get up without having to think at all. You should simply feel your muscles dragging you up before you know it :-)

Pretty simple, huh?

Why It Works?

Steve Pavlina also mentions some very interesting background to this technique. His main point of view is that you want to make this a subconscious habit instead of relying on your mental discipline in the early morning. We all know how destructing our thoughts can be at that time so instead we focus our disciplinarian efforts on when we are awake to give us the best conditions for waking up easily.

This method to actually practice to wake up really made a difference to me when I first started waking up really early in the morning. Even though I was tired in the beginning of this new habit, I managed to get out of bed before even feeling the drowsiness. Now, that's a huge benefit. From that point it was up to my conscious self to avoid going back to bed.

How to manage that second part is another story, but with this method you will surely get up in the morning if you just practice, practice, practice - just as with anything else in life.

So practice to wake up, good luck and let me know your results!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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