Productive Morning
10 Activities For An Awesome Start

Productive Morning

Today we're gonna make sure you have a both inspiring and highly productive morning. These are the two pillars that will make you wake up so let's take it from the top...

First of all, one of the absolute top benefits of waking up early is to be able to have a productive morning. A morning filled with accomplishments, success and great fun! This will provide you with a great feeling lasting the entire day.

When you have already done something real early on - whether it is exercising, writing a blog post or learning how to dance - you might notice that you get a strong sense of accomplishment. 

This feeling will pretty much erase all of that normal stress of the day. You can relax without pressure and you can build on that early success. In short:

"You will be ahead of the day, instead of letting the day be ahead of you".

Whatever happens later that day, at least you accomplished something real in the early morning hours.

Second of all, I have always been stressing people about the importance of having a set morning routine. A routine that motivates you to wake up early. So when you choose how exactly to have a productive morning it's vital that you choose an activity that truly inspires you.

I mean, you can fulfill the productivity goal above by just starting to work extra early but it's unlikely that that will motivate you deep enough to become an early riser. 

Unless you have the job of your dreams of course ;-)

So in summary, you want to choose a morning activity that is both productive AND inspiring. That will make sure you first wake up early and then ride on that accomplishment throughout the day. Awesome, right? :-)

Choosing Your Morning Activity

So what can you do in the morning then? Here are 10 suggestions that all fulfill the goal of being productive as well as inspiring:

  • Practice Yoga - The stillness of the morning makes it ideal for a good yoga session.
  • Work out - We all know the benefits of exercise and the morning is the perfect time to get it done and enjoy it!
  • Read a book - By reading any type of personal development or self-help book you will develop your mind - a truly motivating task.
  • Meditate - The calmness attained during meditation is definitely satisfying in the moment but will also set the tone for the upcoming day.
  • Learn a new skill - Anything you wish you could do? By spending up to an hour each morning you will soon be able to...
  • Write a book - Your mind is usually performing at its absolute best in the early morning, making it perfect for creating writing.
  • Write a blog post - If you have a blog or site like this one, then why not give your daily thoughts first thing in the morning?
  • Plan your day - Make sure you're in control of your entire day by setting aside 15-20 minutes to set some targets and tactics for what you want this day to become. Don't just let it pass, make it count!
  • Watch a documentary - A fantastic, and often underestimated way to learn and develop yourself. And doesn't have to be too heavy on the mind either; you can check out Planet Earth for some amazing shots of the world we live in.
  • Cook - If you enjoy being creative in the kitchen, then perhaps the mornings should be your time of creation. And it doesn't have to be breakfast; anything you cool can be stored for later - saving you some precious time in the evenings!

Remember that this activity of course doesn't have to be your entire morning routine. You can include a lot more, but you need at least one that will both motivate you and be productive.

So set a plan for what to do. It doesn't have to be the same each day, but be clear on what you're gonna do once you're up - it's vital!

If you are unable to decide exactly what to do, then you can ask yourself a couple of questions...

  • Which are your top three hobbies?
  • What do you tend to do once you have a free hour to spend?
  • Do you accomplish something real by doing any of these activities?
  • Is there any activity you feel truly uplifted from afterwards?

So in conclusion:

  1. Your activity should be inspiring, but not only fun.
  2. And your activity should be productive, but not only like work.

If you manage to find one that fits, then you're golden =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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