How To Avoid It




"Oh, not again"

Sounds familiar?

And so what happens next - we hit snooze!

9 minutes later the whole procedure is repeated again. And yet again we keep lying there in bed.

I'm here to tell you how snoozing affects us and what we can do to avoid it. If you are interested, let's get going.

How Does It Affect Us?

Our sleep is carefully divided into a set of sleep cycles. The different type of sleep has different purposes, but it's really in the deep sleep that we recover the most.

And so what happens when the alarm rings? Well, unless we have a great habit of waking up the same time, then we are brought out of our sleep from any level. This could mean that we are dead tired when we wake up.

Therefore we feel it's neccessary to snooze a couple of times. And so 9 minutes turn to 18 which turns to 27 which turns to a ruined morning...

When we press that button, we only give the body 9 minutes to get some more sleep. In whatever way we try, that sleep is going to be useless in providing us with anymore energy for the day. 9 minutes is just to short. The rule of 9 minutes for snoozing was decided for a completely different reason.

How To Stop Doing It?

Most of us really wish we could skip our desire to snooze in the morning. But we have to be aware of that this quite a natural reflex. As soon as something tries to invide our comfort of sleep, we respond by shutting it off. Completely natural.

Therefore, to avoid it we must be stronger than our initial reflex. Of course, there is a way around this. It's pretty simple actually.


Pretty simple huh?

My initial though when I tried this approach was

"but I'll sleep over and be late!"

Don't worry. After just 2-3 days with this method, your mind and body will both have fully understood that there is no other alternative than to wake up instantly. You will be forced out of bed by your own mind. This help is unmatched when you are trying to fight your tired demons in the morning.

To make it happen is usually very simple. On all smartphone alarm apps, you can just turn off the snooze function. Here are my iPhone settings in the native alarm clock:

iPhone Alarm

iPhone Alarm Settings

I fully recommend that you give this method a try. It will be worth it. Don't be scared that you might be late for work or school. And even if that would happen once, then you would learn your lesson even stronger. Meaning that it for sure would never happen again and you would jump out of bed when the alarm rings.

Get out there and non-snooze!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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