Wake Up By A Pet
For That Extra Push

Wake Up By A Pet

It's actually quite a good method to wake up by a pet. If you're so tired in the morning that you're just lying there, then you might want to have a pet to wake you up. And yes, it actually works!

Myself, I have a cute little kitten running around in the house. And she's so interested in intense cuddling that we have to close the door during the night. By the way, that's her in the photo :-)

But then, once I wake up, I straight away open the door to the living room. And guess who comes rushing in and jumping up into our bed? The number one enemy of someone who wants to sleep - a pet in mood for some cuddling... :-)

So what does she do:

  • Walks around on the top of our heads
  • Bumps her head right on my nose
  • Scratching and playing with my toes
  • Mjauing as loud as she can
  • Crawling under the cover and runs around in there
  • Licks the cover and pulls it with her paws

So as you can see, it's not that easy to continue sleeping if you have a hungry, cuddly or energetic pet in the house. They will do whatever they like and are in total disregard of the fact that you are still sleeping.

Which Pets Works Best?

The obvious ones are of course cats and dogs. They always love being in contact with you and as soon as the morning light comes, they're usually up.

Of course you do not want to get a pet just because it can help you to wake up. You'd better be ready to take the responsibility as well.

Besides cats and dogs, I'm not sure about what other pets would really help you. If you have any suggestions, then please let me know in the comment field :-)

Is This A Trustworthy Method?

As I mentioned in the beginning, I use my cat as a way to ensure that I do not fall back into bed again by opening the door right after I wake up. But if you know that your pet is always up early, then why not try without using an alarm clock? It might feel a bit risky, but trust me, once you surpass the initial fear of being late you won't miss the alarm clock at all anymore.

You can also check out the site SleepWRITER for more info about using your pet as an alarm clock.

So sometime soon, see if the energy of a pet is enough to get you up in the morning. It's actually pretty fun to wake up by a pet. Good luck! =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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