Wake Up Time
How To Use The Power Of Decision

Wake Up Time

So what is the best wake up time?

With this question in mind, I would like talk about how it's possible to use the power of decision to wake up anytime you want.

  • First of all, you are to decide when you want to wake up. Even if you HAVE TO be at work/school at a certain time, you still have a choice when the alarm is supposed to ring.
  • Second of all, I assume you want to wake up on time, otherwise you wouldn't be here. No more snoozing, no more tiredness and no more late arrivals to work or school.

Now listen up...

When you want to achieve something great in life you have to put all your efforts into it. You have put your blindfolds on and aim right towards it, am I right?

The same principle of course applies to waking up early and on time. But despite this basic knowledge, I keep finding out from people that they actually don't even have a really clear and concise target. Having a set target is rule number 1 when it comes to goal setting.

Some quotes...

  • "I'm gonna be up at 6, or in worst case 6.30"
  • "I better have my breakfast at around 6 to have time to get ready"
  • "I'll set my first alarm for 5.30 and my backup for 6 just in case..."

Just by listening to these statements it's pretty clear that success is far from sure in these cases.

So the key is to have a fixed target. If you want to be up at 6.00, then make that the only option you have. No second alarm. No snooze. No backup.

Waking up fifteen minutes later is simple not OK. You've then missed your target!

The night before, think through your goal and fix your mind on that time. What will you do when you hear the alarm clock? What's your very first reaction? This quick preparation is a low cost - high payback type of investment. It will make you mentally ready.

In essence, there are two very strong reasons to why this little simple change of using an exact and fixed wake up time will help you get out of bed in the morning.

Why Deciding Your Wake Up Time Works

1. Habit

After a few days your body will get used to getting up at the exact same time. Somehow your body knows and expects the arrival of morning. I bet you've experienced it a few times before by waking up just before the alarm rings. This is the power of habits! You will wake up rested and fresh since your body has adapted your sleep cycles slightly to be able to wake up easier.

2. Pressure

By having a fixed time, you put some added pressure on yourself. Without any backup alarm or time interval available, you simply have to get up unless you want to let yourself down completely.

So take my advice and always have one single fixed alarm in the morning. This is one small, yet very powerful step towards becoming an early riser. Who knows, it might just be the only thing left needed to make you wake up on time from now on. Good luck and enjoy your mornings =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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