Wake Up Wet
If This Doesn't Get You Up, Then Nothing Will

Wake Up Wet

When I say wake up wet, it might not be exactly how you're picturing it...

I'm not talking about that kind of disgusting wet, but instead I method that I experienced frequently as a kid. Thanks mum! :-)

So the method is to have another person - perhaps your spouse, parents, or even your kids - to wake you up in the morning by placing an ice cold wet towel right on your face (!) - shocking, huh?!

This can actually be regarded as a practical joke, but if you're having major problems to wake up, then this method is for you. Just tell your friend to take a towel, soak it in ice cold water and place it right on top of your forehead if you're not up by a certain time.

If this doesn't get your adrenaline pumping enough to wake you up, then I'm sorry to say that nothing ever will!

I have actually used this as a backup solution myself a while back. The day before an enormously important (and very early) meeting, I told my spouse to "do it to me" if I'm not straight out of bed by 0500. Luckily for me, I was... However, she tried to wet me anyway but that's another story :-)

Remember, this is most likely of "last-resort" type of method that you'll only use for very special occasions. But of course it's pretty fun as well, so feel free to try it on someone else first ;-)

So to summarize, don't be afraid of asking someone for help once in a while. The method to wake up wet will most likely create such lasting effects that it might just be the start of a career as a true early riser. But use it with care =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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