Morning Headache
18 Causes And Solutions
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Morning Headache

It can be one of the most destructive ways to enter a new day - having morning headache. When it comes regularly, then it's really time to sit down and find the root cause of your problem. I have compiled a list of 15 major causes to why we have to suffer so much. I hope these can give you some insights and help you on the way to solving this forever.

1. Lack of water

The absolutely most common reason for why you might be waking up with a headache is dehydration. 65% percent of our body consists of water and especially your brain loves to float around in all of that. As soon as you drink too less, you are in the danger zone of an upcoming headache.

The fact is that around 75% of all Americans don't drink enough water. Aim for at least 70 ounces (2 liters) each day and remember to get some extra right before you hit the sack to make sure you'll last throughout the night. If you happen to wake up suffering from dehydration, then unfortunately there's no quick fix other than pain killers. It takes the body quite a long time to absorb most of the water you drink, so being proactive is the keyword here!

2. Bad pillow

I've slept on some uncomfortable pillows in my life. What I hate the most are those slim and wide ones that actually don’t give any neck support whatsoever. Well, enough about me. The reason why the pillow is so important is that you might end up suffering from muscle tension headaches if you spend your entire night with too weak neck support. This is especially true for those of you sleeping lying on your back. The fix? Get a better pillow of course :-)

3. Grinding teeth

I was grinding my teeth (bruxism in medical language) constantly in my sleep when I was younger and the only thing that saved me was getting a mouth guard. It can cause severe stress on your mouth and face muscles otherwise which might be why you are waking up with a headache. So my recommendation is to talk to your dentist about this to get help.

You won't know until you try it.

4. Brain Tumor

Sometimes life can be scary. A recurring headache can in fact be a brain tumor pressing on critical parts inside your head. This is a very unlikely reason but if you also suffer from sharp and intense headache attacks, then going to the doctor is your only safe option.

5. Pregnancy

Some women can experience how their pregnancy can cause them to wake up with pain each morning. One possible reason for this type of headache, according to research, is the increased blood volume and blood circulation in your body. If you normally suffer from headaches, then being pregnant might make your symptoms even worse.

6. Stress

Working too intensely or being overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines can be a cause of headache. Once you finally relax in bed, your body will suddenly start to react to all the pressure you've been under. This can ultimately lead to waking up with a headache.

7. Lack of sodium

Too low sodium levels can give you a headache. Basically, you don’t have enough resources to bind the water in your body.

8. Not enough sleep

Lack of sleep can make anyone tired, delirious and with head pain. For most of us, the minimum limit is around 4 hours of sleep for a night. If that happens several nights in a row, then of course we're in bigger trouble.

If you know you won't be able to sleep enough, then at least make sure to drink and eat properly to keep your body up to speed.

9. Caffeine withdrawal

Many people that have quit drinking coffee will remember the usual headaches following along with that process. The problem is the same as with any substance altering your brain chemistry - it's easy to either under- or overdo it.

Drinking too much can give you headache but what is interesting for us here is when it makes you wake up with a headache. If you're used to drinking coffee throughout the day, then the big break at the evening and night might just be enough to make your brain go into "caffeine withdrawal mode".

The only healthy way out that I'm aware of is to change your habits to drink less coffee... I'm sorry to say that, but it might be a must for you...

Read part 2 of this article for 9 more potential causes and reasons for waking up with a headache.

Morning Headache - Part 2

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