Morning Headache
18 Causes And Solutions
(part 2/2)

Morning Headache

Read part 1 of this article for 9 more potential causes and reasons for waking up with a headache.

Morning Headache - Part 1

10. Hangover

I guess we'll all felt this one a few times. Basically, alcohol increases your metabolism making water run through you faster. So without water and after a long sleep you end up with dehydration felt through your headache.

On top of that, your blood vessels actually expand causing your blood circulation to be out of order.

11. Illness

Front head headache is a common effect of a so called sinus infection. In other words - an inflammation in your breathing systems (air, nose, throat). To remedy the pain, drink water and try to get some extra salt into your systems.

12. Sinuses

Even if you're not sick, you can wake up with a headache due to your sinuses. The reason can be added pressure or lack of draining because of the way you sleep.

Sleeping on your back has the highest tendency of causing these problems.

13. Allergies

Allergies can easily affect your breathing, thereby causing headaches. One reason can be if you have too much dust in your bedroom, but then you might be able to fix your problem with a thorough clean in your bedroom, under your bed, on your blankets and in your pillow.

For allergies in general, go see a doctor to get tested and see what can be done to ease your pain. Also don't let your pets sleep in your bed as their dander can gather up in your bed.

Another good measure is to get an air purifier and let it run in a quiet sleep mode during the night.

14. Lack of vitamins

Deficiency of vitamin D is especially related to headache according to researchers. Try some methods to increase your vitamin D levels, such as:

  • Get more sunlight
  • Eating fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines
  • Drinking low fat milk
  • Supplements of vitamin D

15. Menstruation

The estrogen drop just before women’s period starts can contribute to headache attacks according to scientists.

16. Sleeping Position

Sleeping in a poor posture can cause you serious and recurring tension headaches. The fact is that 95% of us keep sleeping in the same position each night, so over a lifetime that can multiply to some bad effects if you sleep in a bad position.

When it comes to avoid muscle tension, the most common position on the side actually has some drawbacks. Myself, I really had to teach myself to always make sure my neck was aligned with my spine as I went to bed. In summary, proper neck support and aligned body are the two keys for a good sleeping posture.

17. Food

Sensitivity to certain foods eaten late in the evening can be the reason why you wake up feeling bad in the morning. For example cheese can have such an effect. So if you keeping eating those great sandwiches right before going to bed, then that might be your reason right there.

Just note and keep track of what you've eaten before a headache arises and you will figure out if this is the case.

18. Sleep apnea

This severe medical condition where you actually stop breathing briefly during sleep can cause you to wake up with severe morning headaches even though you've slept more than enough. The only way to find out is to perform a real sleep study at the doctors.

With this list fresh in your mind, did you discover any potential causes? If so, take immediate action towards getting better! Or do more research if you like, but do not let the pain go on, it's just not worth it.

When I have woken up with a morning headache, it almost ruins my entire day, so be proactive and eliminate your pain forever. Good luck!

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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