Wake Up On Time
How To Use The Power Of Habits

Wake Up On Time

It's simple: Let your body make sure you wake up on time.

I have mentioned this fantastic way already throughout this site, but it's worth to bring it up once again. We are gonna use your body and the power of habits to ensure you will wake up early effortlessly in the future.

First, let's take a look at the situation today. I bet you know the world's most common morning routine...

The alarm rings, nothing happens... The alarm rings again, slight movement in bed... The alarm continues and finally we gather enough energy to turn it off.

9 minutes later the same process is repeated for the first snooze...

And after yet some time we finally stumble out of bed both depressed and stressed...

Oh, what a great day coming up after that start!? Unfortunately not - we've set a negative tone already :-(

So what if your morning routine looked something like this instead:

The alarm rings - but you're already awake since 5 minutes ago so you effortlessly roll over and turn it off. Then a light stretch of the legs, and - whoops - you're up! With fresh energy in your body you get dressed while thinking about what to make of this brand new day... :-)

I do believe that the second option sounds more appealing to most of us. And it's not hard to change, as long as you know how to. So let's get down to business.

It's important to realize that there are two events here that can be made into habits. Let us walk through them.

How To Wake Up On Time With These 2 Habits

1. Wake Up

By setting your alarm to the same time every day (yes, weekends included) your body will soon know what time to wake up. Our bodies are much smarter than we think and will automatically make the proper adjustments. This will in the end lead to the fact that you will wake up light and rested in the mornings.

The key to feeling energetic when waking up is to wake up in the right part of a sleep cycle - that is exactly why we want to put the body back in control. Only when you manage to develop a habit to wake up early and on time will you be able to wake up light.

Another important part of developing this habit is about when you should go to bed - Only go to bed when you're tired! It might sound trivial but put some emphasis on this aspect and you will be rewarded. The thing is that it doesn't work to have a specific "go to bed"-time. Instead we use our body's self-adjusting system to make sure we get enough sleep.

But whatever time you go to bed, never change your wake up time.

2. Get Up

It's of course not enough to only wake up on time, you also have to get out of bed instantly =)

It happens too many times that people snooze for a while or keep lying in bed until they doze off again. That is a complete waste of time so now we want to make it a habit to get up right away.

There are two things you need to do then in order to succeed. First, decide in your mind exactly what the first thing is that will do once up. Whether it is to drink a cup of water, get dressed fully or turn on the light doesn't matter - as long as there's no doubt in your mind. Just a short moment of hesitation might block you from getting up...

Second, you need to practice to get up enough times to turn it into a habit. When you are able to get up and do your first thing as discussed above totally using autopilot, then you're good to go :-)

So to reach that stage I highly recommend you to practice this initial routine during daytime. Just go to bed as usual, set your alarm for 5 minutes later and pretend to sleep. Then when the alarm rings, rise up instantly and follow your plan. If you do this enough times, then you will soon be able to get up without ever wasting more time snoozing.

So with these two very powerful habits you are going to both wake up on time AND get up instantly.

After that, an awesome morning awaits you =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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