Couples Morning Routine
The 5 Keys That Will Make You Both Happy

My purpose when writing about couples morning routine is to really enable you and your partner to have a fantastic morning together.

It's not easy, I know. You might both be stressed about events in the upcoming day, or perhaps you're running late...

Anyhow, do not be alarmed. I will share with you some of the best "principles" for having a fantastic morning routine for any couple. This all springs out of how me and my wife have managed to make our morning habits work really well together.

Alright, let's get started!

The 5 Keys For A Fantastic Couples Morning Routine

1. Be Kind

This first one is pretty simple, but nevertheless extremely important. Just imagine the difference in your partner when waking up to

"come one, get up, it's late!"


"Good morning cutie, I love you"

This type of wake up will shape someone's entire day for the better. So remember, be kind to your loved one.

2. Do Not Blame

If you can't wake up, it's your fault, not your partners.

If you have to wait for the bathroom, it's your fault, not your partners.

If you get delayed, it's your fault, not your partners.

Instead of blaming someone else for having a bad morning, step up and take responsibility. It's 100% in your control to wake up a little bit earlier to do something specific. You could have been up before to get in the bathroom, right?

This is of course applies to everything else in life as well. As I often say - be on the "cause" side of life, no the effect. The meaning is that you set the way of your own life. You're not a victim of someone else's actions.

3. Get Energetic (Together)

One of the vital parts in my Act-Relax-Plan-Do scheme for a great morning routine is about getting energetic as quickly as possible in the morning. This might be even more important now when you're two people sharing your routine.

In essence, energetic and clear-minded people are less grumpy and prone to useless arguments. So do some morning stretches together, or go out for a 5-minute run. Whatever get's you both moving. 

This will both deepen your relationship as well as really wake both of you up. Doesn't get better than that for a good morning routine for couples, right?

Now you are probably thinking about the difficulties of actually doing this in the morning. If you need a bit more inspiration, check about the main benefits of a morning workout.

4. Divide Tasks

If you have certain things that needs to be done in the morning, why not be absolutely clear about who should do them. It could be about watering the flowers, dressing the kids, running the dishwasher, making breakfast, etc.

Whatever it might be, trust me, you will benefit from deciding who's gonna do each task.

Of course, this is not about being able to blame the other person for something not being done, it's just about not having to spend precious morning time arguing about who should do what.

So simple, yet so beneficial. Trust me. I am proudly in charge of playing with the cat for 5 minutes each morning :-)

5. Sync Your Habits

The final key part is to really get both of your habits in sync with each other. Basically, as an example of what happens otherwise is that you both want to use the same bathroom at the same time. Or perhaps that you're ready for breakfast at totally different times.

None of these situations are optimal, so you want to try to have some simple "milestones". It could e.g. be that breakfast is served at 6.45 or that one of you takes the morning shower around 6.30 and fifteen minutes forward. Just setting some milestones will make it all easier.

Some Examples From My Morning Routine

To put all of these 5 keys in to perspective, it might be useful if I share a couple of things from the morning routine of my and my wife. Here are some examples that has made our mornings much easier.

  • I always aim to wake Zelda up with the words "I love you".
  • One of my tasks is to set the alarm clock. But we each have to be in charge of getting out of bed ourselves.
  • We always do an instant morning stretch together, just for 5 minutes.
  • I am responsible for feeding the cat, watering the flowers, etc.
  • Zelda showers while I make breakfast for both of us.

So, you know, having a really wonderful couples morning routine doesn't have to be that hard. You can both enjoy a really pleasant morning, and these 5 keys are really just enablers that will take away all the risks for unnecessary clashes or arguments. You will be all set up for a glorious morning.

So have a talk with partner about how you two can optimize your mornings! I wish the best of luck to you all and awesome mornings :-)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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