Early Bird Or Night Owl
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Early Bird
Night Owl

Early bird or night owl - that's the question of the day. Many people believe there's a genetic difference that puts humans into two distinct groups. I'm not too sure about that :-) but what I can say is that all of us have our own preferences.

Today I though that you're gonna take this quick test to get it all figured out. The test will show you both what you currently are but also what your preference really is.

Let's do it! What are you truly - early bird or night owl?

Find Out !

You Are An Early Bird And You Love It !

Early Bird

You're clearly an early bird already and enjoying life as such. The mornings are your treasure and you don't have any fear of going to bed on time. I'm impressed and keep up the good work =)

You Are An Early Bird But It's Unclear What You Really Want !

Early Bird

You are currently getting up early and showing true results expected by an early bird. But unfortunately I can't tell if this is really you or if you're "forced" by the situation you're in. I suggest that you find out a bit more of the benefits of waking up early so you can enjoy your mornings :-)

You Are An Early Bird Against Your Will !

Early Bird Night Owl

It's clear you're an early bird, but it seems this not what you really want. Instead of pushing against the situation you're in, why not seize the mornings and create your own morning routine that can make your day!

It's Unclear What You Are But You Really Want To Be An Early Bird !

Early Bird

It's seems that you might be struggling with being an early riser. Perhaps you're just too tired when you wake up or maybe it's the motivation. If you really want to wake up happy and easy as an early bird, then I suggest learning more about different methods for how to wake up.

It's Unclear What You Are And What You Really Want To Be !

Early Bird Night Owl

Unfortunately I can't really tell what you are - early bird or night owl. Neither can I figure out what you really want and enjoy. Perhaps you like switching between being an early bird and a night owl. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you're able to wake up early when you really want to:-)

It's Unclear What You Are But You Really Want To Be A Night Owl !

Night Owl

You seem to really enjoy late evenings and skipping the morning treasure. That's totally fine as long as you feel that you can get the most out of your day. However, if you ever want to wake up early, I'm right here helping you =)

You Are A Night Owl Against Your Will !

Night Owl Early Bird

Unfortunately it seems that you've ended up being a night owl, even though it might not be your true calling. If you really want to change and form a habit of waking up early, then read every inch of this site and you'll be able to get what you want in no-time! I suggest you start with some wake up early tips.

You Are A Night Owl But It's Unclear What You Really Want !

Night Owl

You seem to live the life of a true night owl, but perhaps you have a small early bird inside that's just waiting to get the change to pop out. There are many benefits of waking up early so why not give it a test-run? You might end up being one of many successful early risers.

You Are A Night Owl And You Love It !

Night Owl

It's pretty obvious you have a very strong preference of being a real night owl. It's just who you are, right? Those late evenings are when you can really shine. But if you even need some inspiration on how to wake up early, then I'm right here waiting for you =)

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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