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Get Motivated Now With These 7 Awesome Tips

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It's time to get back to school again for many of us. And whether you are 10 or 24 years old it can always be a big challenge to wake up early for school.


Simply because it's usually not the most motivating activity we could imagine. I have spoken numerous times before about the importance of doing something fun and engaging first thing in the morning to really get your day on track, and let's face it, school isn't one of them.

So after a total of 17 years in school for my part that ended just a few years ago I know a bit about how it is to have to get out of that bed and off to school. Today I'd like to share my best advice, but also a special insight.

Let's start with the insight, shall we?

The thing is that I've noticed that I can actually become motivated about pretty much anything in my life. Yeah, it's true! And isn't that extremely useful? I mean, even if I don't feel like wanting to do my homework I am still able to do it. And enjoy it.

The Secret To Instant Morning Motivation

You see, the thing about motivation is that it's all about what we focus on. So if you focus on how boring it's going to be having classes and how hard it is during math class, then that's exactly what will happen.

But what about if you lift your eyes a little bit? What about if you look further than that?

Instead of setting your focus on the tough part right in front of you, you can actually focus on something much more inspiring. So again with the math class. If you can see the connection between doing well on this math test and how that will improve your life or career, then you're golden.

Or actually, you don't have to just focus long-term. What if you saw this math class as just another way to hang out with your friends? Wouldn't that make it more fun?

The key here is that you get what you look for. So if truly try to see the class as something enjoyable, then your mind will do everything possible to try to fulfill your wish. That's just how the human mind works. Wonderful, isn't it?

So try this right now. But also, make sure to use the awesome tips for how to get a good night’s sleep and be prepared for school. Keep reading.

7 Awesome Tips To Wake Up Early For School

1. No TV two hours before sleeping

Come on, you know why. TV is making our brains way too hyperactive to be able to sleep well. We all need some time to just wind down.

2. No games two hours before sleeping

This is for exactly the same reason as above. I know you remember those times when stepping straight away from a computer/video game into bed.

You were still too excited to sleep, right?

3. No energy drink or coke in the evening

There's no harm in having a sweet drink for dinner, right?

Wrong. There is. Especially when we're young, the extra sugar in our body will make it much harder to get a real good and deep sleep.

So keep the drinks for earlier in the day.

4. Get fresh air

Open up your bedroom window a couple of hours before you go to bed. This is something your body will really appreciate when it's time to sleep.

If you want to wake up early for school, then I suggest going for a short walk outside the evening before as well, just in case you haven't got enough fresh air during the day.

5. Exercise in the morning

Morning exercise is much more rewarding for you, for several reasons. It will e.g. kick start your morning and keep your metabolism going throughout the day.

If you do it in the evening, your body really doesn't get enough time to recover. It's kind of like your body stops when you go to sleep, so you won’t see the same positive long-lasting effects.

6. Go to bed earlier

If you're serious and really want to wake up early for school, then there's no better advice I can give than this.

Especially, if you're not used to getting up early and you need a buffer zone, then just go to bed an hour earlier for change. 11.30 becomes 10.30, it's not that bad.

7. Start your day with something fun

Don't let heading off to school be the absolute first thing you do in the morning. Instead, set aside just a little bit of time for something else.

Something you've chosen.

It could be to play your guitar, do some push-ups or read a book. As long as it's something that motivates you get up, then it will really help you to wake up early and head off for school.

At this point, I sure hope you have gained some insights into how to wake up early for school. If you need any more advice on becoming an early riser, then check more posts on this site, especially these ones might help you:

Now good luck, and let me know if I can help even further! Also, let me know what works for you in the comment field below.

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Thanks for reading! By Matthew M. McEwan

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